Monday, 7 April 2008

DIY, WIP and a favour or two

It's funny what can spur us into action, push us into finally doing those little jobs around the house that have been niggling us for such a long time and have been neglected for too long on the 'to do' list. This weekend, before the return of winter on Sunday, it was the wonderful sunshine we had here on Saturday morning. I think I am one of the many who are affected by daylight, the lack of it in winter can drive me crazy and make me incredibly lazy. Yet since the clocks went forward last weekend and that extra hour of daylight I'm feeling galvanized. How lovely to hear the birds singing in the evenings now and feel that the day isn't over at 5pm.

Ayway I popped into town to get some fabric for a project that had been on the "list' for far too long (did you notice the name on that cotton reel? "Frivolous Pink", my kind of a name!) . Along the way I walked past my favourite choc shop Choccywoccydoodah for a quick drool and snapped a couple of their wonderful cakes. These photos don't in any way do them justice, the sun was glaring etc but just to give you a taster of what they offer, but really would you want to eat one of them? (clicking on the photos increases the wow factor).

I would have to place mine under a cloche a la Miss Haversham and just admire from afar (maybe just languidly drag my fingers over that icing when passing).

Back to the fabric - we bought this old cupboard from a car boot about 13 years ago. We painted it and removed some of the dodgy wood panels and replaced them with chicken wire. This was backed with some pink fabric and that's how it remained for years. When we moved (two and a half years ago) we promised Little Sister that it would be prettied up for her ... well finally it got the coat of paint it deserved and some of this lovely fabric. She's very happy with it and so am I and do you know what it took an afternoon to do. Why wait all that time? You just have to be in the mood don't you.

If only the same could be said about the ongoing painting of the hall project. Whatever enthusiasm I mustered at the beginning has all but diminished and I can't help but groan everytime I walk past that tin of paint in the hall. So near to finishing and yet ... Someone who has bounds of energy for any kind of painting is this one

Yes, Little Sister seems to be tackling those walls singlehanded at the moment!

As a "thank you" for all her hard work I've started a new rug for her bedroom. Whilst we loved this house since the moment we stepped into it, the flooring has left a lot to be desired. We have slowly gone from room to room pulling up the really dodgy carpets and painting the floorboards but have, as yet, done Little Sister's room. Just the thought of picking up all those Sylvanians, fairies and Barbie clothes and packing them away whilst we pull up the carpet leaves me cold. So I thought I'd ask you all a favour. Now and again I need a gentle prod and reminder and I thought there would be no better way to push me into finishing the rug and floor than by you reminding me.. So if all goes quiet on the rugging front, please feel free to comment on my blog! Hopefully the sight of this unfinished project on my blog next to the picture of my youngest slaving away in the hall and some comments from you over the next few weeks (maybe months) will do the trick.

Oh and whilst we're at it, how about asking now and again if any of the cupboards that are lying around in the loft or outside loo are actually up on the walls yet? Guilt and shame, such a winning combination in my DIY book!

All of which leads me on to something else I should have done a while ago. A thank you to Alison for this lovely award. Over at Vintage Amethyst blog, Alison has started up her own website selling some lovely goodies, please go and have a look.

Thank you too to greentwinsmummy for this award too. I'm not going to choose bloggers to pass it on to and I know it's going to be breaking the rules. So please all of you take this award and enjoy it as well, but please go and say "hello" to greentwinsmummy.
Right, I'm off to buy some new Sylvanians with Little Sister - I'm thinking wall to wall Sylvanians might just be the floor covering of my dreams (or not).


April said...

Those cupboards look lovely and Good Luck with the painting - I think I need some gentle nagging in that direction too!

April xx

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Kim, I can't really say much as I have loads of WIPs awaiting completion, your're right though, you do have to be in the mood. Lovely feeling when they're done though - your cupboards look really pretty now.
have a good week,
Lucy x

Garden girl said...

The chicken wire cupboard is beautiful, and perfect for a bedroom, aren't you a lovely Mum! I had always wondered how those rugs were made, and now I (kind of)know!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

The sight of those cakes got my tummy rumbling.......cake for breakfast would be wonderful right now!

I've got a trim painting project that's been on my to do list for waaaaay too long also. Hopefully we'll both get motivated!!


Hi Kim, the only problem with the long, light, sunny days is that the brightness shows up all those little jobs that need doing indoors. Over the winter when it is dark and bleak you just can't see them. x

Curlew Country said...

Well you're certainly getting a lot more done than I am yet Kim! Littlr sisiter is very welcome to tackle painting our hall when she's finished yours too. I have shelves in the hall and a beautiful vintage cabinet to paint too and organise someone to put them up on the walls - its never-ending isn't it. Your beautiful handy work is very inspiring though and I might just make it to the paint shop tomorrow.

Tracy said...

Those cakes are magical! Too pretty to eat, surely...Your cupboard is a treat too. Good luck with all that painting. We'll be doing some of that soon ourselves, only on the exterior of the house and a long fence *SIGH* Fun to see you WIP and congrats on the awards! Happy week to all of you ((HUGS))

Heidi said...

Okay, I will remind you but then you need to remind of of my unfinished projects too. Actually I am takling one of them today. I have it half done and hope to show you more and tell you the funny story about it tomorrow on my blog. You are so right that when the mood takes you, you seem to really have the energy and creative juices for 1000. I do hope you get some of the things done. I find saying to myself that I want to accomplish one a week or month does help. Before you know is all finished. I love Little Sister is helping paint. How old is she again? Does she want to come to Holland and help me??? I love how her cupboard came out. That must make you want to do more. Now forgive my ignorance but what are Sylvanians?

Love the pretty cakes. I really appreciate the pretty pastries we can get here and never think twice. Yes, they are often too pretty to eat but, yep, eat them I do. LOL!

Hugs ~

Thimbleanna said...

Ok, Miss Kim, what is a "sylvanian". I love the colors you're using in the new rug. I'll try to remember to remind you about finishing it...but I have an awful memory -- as evidenced by the number of unfinished projects (which, like yours really wouldn't take so long to do) that I have lying around!

Anonymous said...

Child labour huh? When she has finished at your place can you send her over?

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hi Kim
You have been busy in my brief absence!
I think you have named this the National Reluctant D.I.Y week! We are finally going to get around to painting our bathroom and small room this week.. well with all good intentions!
Your two pretty cupboards are inspirational and I will have to attack two little bedside tables with the same vigour and hopefully the same results as yours!
I hope Little Sister has time off to do the garden when she has finished the hall!?


Lynda said...

Your cupboard looks so bright and cheery, Kim! I think the time change helps with the energy level ... I've done more in the past few weeks than I did all winter! Speaking of paint tins ... there's one standing in my guest room ... this week for sure! (I'll prod you if you'll prod me!)

ps ~ I finished I Capture the Castle ... MUCH better than the movie!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

I too am in the dark on "Sylvanians"! The only thing that comes to my mind is "Sylvania Lightbulbs"! (Sylvania being the name brand for a line of lightbulbs over here.) heehee I haven't had an ounce of desire to do anything in my house except for clean... all I want to do is yardwork (probably because I so am in need of spring)!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

I too am in the dark on "Sylvanians"! The only thing that comes to my mind is "Sylvania Lightbulbs"! (Sylvania being the name brand for a line of lightbulbs over here.) heehee I haven't had an ounce of desire to do anything in my house except for clean... all I want to do is yardwork (probably because I so am in need of spring)!

Pondside said...

Well, I don't feel so bad about being in the dark re Sylvanians!
Everything in progress is beautiful - even in progress! The cupboard is very sweet - gorgeous fabric - and the must finish it so that we can see it.
I'm glad that there is no bakery or cake shop anywhere near my house or anywhere on my everyday route. I don't think I could avoid temptation - even your description of running you finger throught the icing is enough to send me to the cookie jar.

Alison Boon said...

So many projects nver enough hours. The cupboard looks delightful, just what a girl would want. Sunshine definitely helps

meggie said...

Those cupboards look so sweet with the lovely rosey fabrics!
Always something pretty to admire here.
Those cakes are just stunning, but as you say, I can't imagine eating any, nor wanting to destroy such perfection.

mollycupcakes said...

Hello Kim,
What beautiful items you've been working, loving the chicken wire cupboard. The bird cage on top of it is lovely. I've seeen them in Debs but they are about £30 was yours a boot fair find?
Well done little sis for the painting, good job. Mummy and Daddy will be pleased.

Have a great week.
Catherine x

Rubyred said...

Hi Kim,I'm loving the extra daylight too!Love your little cupboard,just so pretty!We need to decorate our hall too but I just keep putting it off!
Rachel x

dottycookie said...

All looks lovely! I've been trying to finish off WIPs but I have a near terminal case of startitis I think.

I have Frivoloous Pink in my collection! I inherited all my MILs unused cotton a year or two ago. Those wooden cotton reels are so much lovelier than the plastic ones.

Can we borrow little sis? I am itching to repaint our bathroom. Can I be really boring and ask what is the hall colour? It looks like it would suit ours more than the pale lemon we currently have. (Of course if it's white with a lovely light on it I shall feel a proper twit).

driftwood said...

the rug is going to be lovely, great colours, although we have the same bedroom floor problem, it must be somewhere under all the stuff!

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

I know what you mean, I find it very hard to get motivated during the winter, I definitely have a bit more energy now and as you say the days aren't over at 5pm.
We looked in your favourite shop when we were in Brighton,very tempting but I'd only eat it all if I bought anything so best admire from afar.
Your cupboard looks very pretty, I'll try to give you a nudge every now and then to do more of the same!

Wild Rose said...

Such a long post Kim! Where do I start? Congratulations on your awards ~ richly deserved.

Yes, you are right about those jobs that make us groan every time we pass them ~ I have the same problem at the moment. I can't even face tackling the ironing, let alone clearing out the wardrobes and generally spring cleaning!

Good luck with the rag rug ~ such pretty colours.

Marie x

periwinkle said...

Oh I so know how you feel about the extra hour and the birds singing. Bless little sister and her hard work
Lovely cupboard too
Lisa x

twiggypeasticks said...

wow you busy bee, the cupboard looks fab. My sil had a wedding cake made by choccywoccy - blimey it was a huge confection made of chocolate with gargoyles and griffins - it tasted gorgeous. seemed a shame to eat it, but you know it would have been rude not to -lol
Twiggy x

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh, I can't tell you to paint when I have had a can of paint for our bathroom sitting in the garage for over a year. Tsk tsk. Now, what in the world are Sylvanians?

Katherines Dream said...

Well done Kim, the cupboards look great. Your Rug is going to be beautiful, I love you new rag rug and the gorgeous bright colours.
I must admit I have some little cupboards that are crying out for lick of paint. I should be doing them instead of bloggin!!

the homely year said...

Hi, love your cupboards, and what gorgeous fabric you've chosen! The rug is going to be fabulous too. So much to do and so little time to do it...isn't spring great for getting some motivation!
Margaret and Noreen

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oohhh we could do with little sis here to help us with decorating!
You are very welcome for the award and thank you for giving my website a mention!
Love Alison x

Kari & Kijsa said...

Everything looks incredible...what an inspirational post!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

smiles, kari & kijsa

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Kim, it was great to hear that you had a home birth and enjoyed it. I am worried...obvious reasons...but I am trying stay positive for Katies sake. If baby is the correct position - all should go well as I am sure she will cope with the pain...I did and you did ! The best of my three births were the two where I only used gas and air...pethadine sent me into another world and I was completely out if it.....I just want it to!

Raindrops said...

Yes I too have loads of WIPs. Cupboard looks lovely. Cakes look amazing too. Tricia

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Kim, my back is much better now thanks, trouble is it'll soon be time to cut the grass again! That tin was a bargain, I couldn't believe no one else had spotted it. Every time I go to Hungerford I make sure I go past that house, I dream of living there.
Hope you're having a good week,
Lucy x

pink-petal-designs said...

LOVE the cupboard that you have done up and can't wait to see your finished rug.
Sarah x

Simone said...

How is the rug making getting on? Nudge nudge!!!

Josie said...

the cupboard looks great and the rug will too once its finished! Josie

meleen dupré said...


i'm so happy to have found your sweet blog. you seem to have found more energy then i could ever dream of having!! everything looks so beautiful, i'll be back to visit often!


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Kim,
Well in my book you seem to be a VERY hard worker and certainly don't need any more nudges to complete more tasks!!!
The chicken wire cupboard is lovely. (I have to paint my youngest daughter's bedroom floor too - so I shall think of you when I finally get down to it!)

Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x

Jennie said...

My hall and landing needs painting but I keep putting it off.
Your cupboard looks lovely and I can't wait to see the finished rug. I would love to make a rag rug but have no clue how to go about it.
I know what you mean about clearing the floor though, I was like that when I changed rooms with L. She had so many teeny tiny things laying all over the floor that took the most time to clear up.

Anonymous said...