Friday, 13 July 2007

Raindrops on haircuts

I had a haircut yesterday. I haven't been to the hairdressers for six months and was really looking forward to it especially as she gives the most amazing head massages too! Haircut was lovely, ditto the massage, it was the weather outside that was awful. Pouring again! There was me shuffling through the Brighton Lanes, head down like some hooded hobbit trying to salvage some of the hairstyle that I'd just paid an arm and a leg for! All sleekness had turned to frizz and the styling wax had somehow melted and made my hair look greasy and limp. By the time I got home I looked like my head had been shrunk and my hair needed a good wash. The family had all been put on red alert that morning to remember to pass comment on the new haircut and not just leave it unnoticed as usual. Compliments came thick and fast but I knew they were all humouring me!
When the children were in bed I decided to have a nice long, relaxing and very hot bath (by this time no amount of steam could further damage the hair). I decided to use the lovely bathbomb and soap that Tricia had sent me after reading about a previous, disastrous attempt at relaxing in a bath.

Thanks Tricia I can thoroughly recommend your products, lovely, moisturising and most importantly I didn't share my bath with any flotsam and jetsam! It was great to spend some time relaxing and thinking (I've missed not being able to get outside to think) and very indulgent, lots of candles everywhere.

I 've written about my bathroom before and how much fun it was decorating it, it is very simply done out but it's a very calm and relaxing space (more photos here).

One of my most treasured possessions in the bathroom is a bottle of rosewater. My mother had the most beautiful, softest skin, She did not use lots of cosmetics but swore by her rosewater from Italy that a friend would send to her by the boxful. When I was younger if I'd been crying she would calm me down and gently dab the rosewater on my face, it would work wonders for my puffy eyes when I had hay fever and cool me down on a summer's day. It is the smell I most associate with my mother. My mother died just a few weeks after my first child was born and I was able to keep her last two remaining bottles of rosewater. Over the years I have stopped using it as it was well past it's sell by date but I would regularly open the bottle to take a whiff, it still comforts me! Smell is such an amazingly powerful and evocative sense isn't it? Anyway a few weeks ago I opened the bottle and the smell had gone. I was devastated, silly I know, but I was. I came downstairs and told M who instantly tracked down a company that stocks it.

Thanks M for understanding just how much it meant to me! It's nice to see my oldest use the rosewater now too - her grandmother would have approved! (Incidentally I know that Marie makes and sells the most fabulous rose products, including rosewater, and I will be buying some from her soon).
Today the rain has not started yet but it looks like it's on its way. I"ve had two compliments from friends this morning about the haircut and my family have returned to not noticing it which is always a good sign!

Enjoy your weekend.


carolyn said...

Snap I had a hair cut yeterday despite the fact that it has gone from below shoulder length to just below collar length only my husband noticed!

Tracy said...

OH, can I come visit your bathroom?! It looks so pretty & inviting there! I recently had my hair cut too, and with head/scalp massage--it was heaven...I could have stayed all day having my head rubbed! Tricia's products look lovely--can almost smell them from you picture! Glad you gave yourself some indulgence, some pampering...It's much needed these dull, rainy days. It rains here still in southern Norway--the wettest, strangest summer I've ever know. Happy weekend to you & yours! :o)

Sew Recycled! said...

I really should get some rosewater. Memories of it are beginning to flood back, I think my grandmother must have used it too. I hate my bathroom, I get cold in it and we have a ridiculous corner bath that makes you all squashed up. Not relaxing!
Hope the cake making goes well, if not, let me know and I will sling that bit down the hill!
Have a good weekend

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

I'm glad you like your new haircut-it's so relaxing getting it cut isn't it! Lucky you living in or near to Brighton too! I love ambling down all those little lanes Duke Street et al! By the way your bathroom is fab, I love the colour on the tongue and groove x

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

I could use a haircut right now... it is sooo humid here! You know, my hubby loves the rainy weather in England... I know you've had way too much of it, but whenever it rains here, hubby says, "Oh I wish I were in England right now!" heehee

And rosewater! I have a bottle I purchased on my honeymoon in London. It was Culpepper's; I still have it I loved it so much.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing like a nice, long, luxurious bath and I'm so glad you were able to enjoy one this time! I love rosewater too. ♥

Mirre said...

What a lovely story about the rosewater!
Have a wonderful weekend... hope you'll be getting some sun (apparently we are!)!

Thimbleanna said...

Your story about being devastated isn't silly at all! I'm so fortunate to still have my mom, but I know I'd be clinging to everything that reminded me of her if I didn't. I'm that way about the taste of my grandma's cookies -- one bite takes me right back to her kitchen. Best wishes for some sun!

French Knots said...

I'm in need of a haircut too, hasn't been done since December!
I have a bottle of my Mum's perfume that I like to take out and sniff from time to time, smells are so evocative it's as if she's in the room with me

Rowan said...

The bath and the head massage sound great - the post hairdresser bit doesn't:) It's maddening when you look fantastic for about 5 minutes then step out into a howling gale or pouring rain. That soap looks beautiful - I shall have to visit Tricia's site. The scent of rosewater is lovely, what a lovely way to bring back memories of your mum and your childhood.

Alison said...

My mum used rose water when we were young - that and witchazel.
have a great weekend.
Alison x

Wild Rose said...

Hi Kim,

Doesn't it always rain when you get your hair done! It happened to me recently - there I was beautifully styled and standing at the reception desk paying my bill, when the heavens opened and we had a torrential downpour! I always end up going home looking all frizzy, no matter which products they use on my hair.

Thanks for mentioning my products. I was reading this and thinking that I would send you some when I got to this bit. Let me know if you would like me to do this.

Marie x

mollycupcakes said...

Sorry to hear about your haircut honey, I hate it when that happens. Flaming rain. I'm sure you look glam now.

What a lovely story about your mum, my mum lives in Ireland and I dont get to see her as much as I should (it's hard traveling with the girls all that way) so I have a old bottle of her favourite perfume and when I open the lid and smell it, it's like she's in the room with me. Your so right about smells, they bring up so many emotions.
Have a lovely weekend.
Cathrine x

ShabbyInTheCity said...

We must have the exact same head of hair LOL!
Your bathroom does look so calm and peaceful...I'd love the scent of rosewater.

Rubyred said...

What a beautiful bathroom,so pretty,I'd love a long relaxing soak in there!

Isobel said...

Oh, I fear when I go to the hairdresser and the weather turns around against me. We apy already so much money for a nice treat and to see all gone with the wind is terrible.
I loved your story about your mum and rosewater. Really touching.
Have a great weekend.

EVA AGNES said...

What lovely pictures and the most adoring bathroom with lots of telling details.
Hugs Eva Agnes

the flour loft said...

Hi Kim,
Smell is so evocative... how kind of your husband to understood. My father in law died a few years back.... he smoked a pipe with cherry, vanilla tobacco ( vanilla is one of my fav scents). We still have a pouch full. If i'm out and someone near is smoking the same tobacco it feels as if he's there too. He was such a lovely man. Have a lovely weekend.
ginny x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Ahhh poor you and your new 'do'!
And what a sweet story about the rosewater, I would have been upset also.
Loving your bathroom too!
Love Alison x

Raindrops said...

I am glad you enjoyed the bath bomb (no floaties) and the soap. I love a long soak in the bath with candles. Rosewater is lovely I use it on my face as a toner.
I am also in desperate need of a haircut. Tricia

Suzie Sews said...

Lovely lovely lovely
Suzie Sews

Shropshire Girl said...

I have just spent an enjoyable time catching up with your blog - everything's lovely, and by the way - I want your bathroom!!!

dottycookie said...

I'm glad you got out to have a haircut, I envy you! It sounds like a good cut though if it looks good the day after when the hairdresser hasn't just spent half an hour poking it about :-)

I love rosewater too - to smell and in cooking. I hadn't thought about dabbing it on faces though - what a wonderful memory to have of your mum.

buttercup & roses said...

Loving your bathroom, I love all your pretty bits and pieces...
What a lovely memory you have of your mum. My mum wears Anais, Anais purfume, If I pass someone in the street it immediatly make me think of her, is'nt it funny how things have an effect on you:)

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Hi Kim! I thought of you today... my daughter just had her 7th birthday party. EVERYONE rsvp'd YES! I had my hands full but all the girls were super good. Lots of giggles and grins... or should I say screeches and smiles! =)

cd&m said...

First visit to your blog, well actually we are new to blogging. Lovely images.

Andrea said...

Pleased to hear that you like your Hair Cut!! I hate going to the Hair Dressers...when having a Head Massage, my head seems to bob up and down on that sink like she is trying to knock me out!!! Andrea x

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

It is so nice to treat ourselves once in awhile. I love the story of your Mother and I have looked at Marie's products... they look so heavenly.


Alison said...

Oh what a scrumptiously peaceful looking vintage bathroom...x

Primrose Hill said...

You can't beat a good hot soak in the tub every now and then, especially with decadent smellies! I'm using SpaceNK bath tablets that G bought me a couple of years ago, I'm terrible at using nice things up and then promptly forget I've got them!

L x