Thursday, 8 May 2008

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I have always wanted one of these. I saw this one the other day in Rottingdean and had to share it with you. A dovecote really appeals to the romantic side of me. The realistic side of me knows that with two cats, the reality would not be as pretty as imagined. Still a girl can dream and while I'm dreaming I would also like this one here
. Of course I would have to spend my days floating around in white linen dresses with a little white dove permanently attached to my finger and my garden would be forever summer but hey ho I could live with it.

One of the real treats of this beautiful, balmy weather we've been experiencing is the wonderful sound of the birdsong in the evenings and mornings. I've sat in the garden a couple of times this week just me and a cuppa and shut my eyes and just listened to the birds. I don't think there is a sound more relaxing or optimistic. I'm always transported back to being a little girl and the long summer holidays, playing in the garden and lying in bed trying desperately to fall asleep whilst it was still light outside, all played against a backdrop of birdsong. In very much the same way I was immediately taken back to my primary school the other day when I walked past a garden crammed with wallflowers. It may have been the sight or the smell of the flowers but it was instant. It's funny how my childhood memories seem to be forever fixed in summer!

Look at this little bluetit sitting at the top of the very highest branch of my apple tree. Doesn't he look like he's having fun amongst the blossom. Sorry the sky is so bleached I had to run and get the camera quickly (perhaps instead of a dove attached permanently to my hand, it would have to be my camera) and point and shoot before he flew off and of course the sun wouldn't move out of the way.

I also spotted this exquisite bird of paradise revising(?) in the garden. Seems like it's all getting a bit too much and a nap and some shade are what's needed.

Listening to the birds on the way to school the other morning I felt inspired to make something for the hall (which is so nearly done, but not quite - I hate painting doors and bannisters), This is the result - my very own little, cat-proof bird house. Well I say it's cat-proof but I caught one of them drooling over the feathers the other day. I'm very happy with it and it looks great on the white walls.

The poor thing has been carried from room to room to find the best place for it. I liked seeing it in the bedroom, M wasn't sure, M liked seeing it downstairs above the hall mirror, I wasn't sure, neither of us could agree which wall it looked best on in the living room, so on the landing it will live. I feel the need to make more - one for the bedroom and one for the living room too as I'm so hopeless at deciding. I've put one in my Etsy shop if any of you would like one as well. (SOLD).

Have a good few days, full of sunshine and beautiful birdsong.


carolyn said...

Isn't it wonderful now we actually have some sunshine?
Have been tempted by Dovecots myself in the past but like you have worried about the cats. In fact I only got a bird table a couple of years ago - sparrows were actually stealing from the guinea pig and rabbit hutches, clinging to the sides and nicking feed, the cats ignored them so I thought why not give it a go. I had always thought it would be a bit like tempting them in as sacrificial victims for the cats but it hasn't been like that at all. There have been far fewer bird casualties than ever before, in fact Jasper often sits on the dustbin just watching them. I think it must be like daytime TV for him!

Sandra Evertson said...

Gorgeous rose birdhouse!
Sandra Evertson

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Kim, I'm sure you are starting to think I am a bit of a pest, always leaving comments!? sorry!...had to mention that I too absolutely LOVE that style of birdhouse!!!! In fact I have been looking for one exactly like that to display in my house, on my hallway sideboard! Just incredible!...Heidi :)

Cowboys & Custard said...

It doesn't surprise me that you love dovecotes too.. being my twin sister.
I too would love a dovecote or just a humble bird table would do.. but for the marauding moggy!
Your own little bird house creation is a vision of loveliness.. when can I move in?
Bird song is so evocative.. there are certain bird calls and songs that take me right back to my childhood. Wild geese flying over in the Autumn is a powerful memory of mine. I would rush outside to see the graceful formations flying over our garden... a haunting sight and sound and very sorrowful in some ways..
I must compliment you on the pretty hybrid you have relaxing in your garden.

thriftymrs said...

I'm a pest too. But I love your blog.

I would love a Dovecot, I need to move out of this house before I can even dream of that happening.

Nonnie said...

Love the little floral birdhouse Kim! I would really like one of those but I think it's a bit too much for Simon. He hasn't quite 'got' the floral look yet! And as it's very early days living together I'm having to tread very carefully in what I introduce into the house! I know what you mean about all the lovely birdsong lately. Now I'm living in the country, one of the loveliest things is waking up in the morning(particularly at the weekend) and lying in bed listening to nothing but the sound of birdsong. Not an aeroplane to be heard! You really took me back talking about lying in bed on a summer evening trying to get to sleep while it was still light. Hope you have a lovely sunny weekend. x

Sal said...

Your bird house is really cute.
I must confess that we have a dovecote..but as yet no doves ;-) I will blog it sometime!

cat said...

I was wondering how you achieved the sky colour behind the bird before I read the next bit. I think it looks lovely!

April said...

what a gorgeous bird house

April xx

French Knots said...

That revising looks like hard work!
Your birdhouse is very sweet, just right for your pretty pink bird to nest in.

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Kim, oh yes, a dovecote is on my 'in my dreams' list too - your lovely little birdhouse certainly comes a very close second though!
Have a lovely weekend,
Lucy x

Elizabethd said...

Beautiful! I particularly liked the 'revising bird'!

Tracy said...

Sweet post, Kim! That rose-coverd birhouse is a is that big dovecote. I've always wanted a dovecote! Enjoy the spring sunshine and birdsong...Happy weekend to you all ((HUGS))

twiggypeasticks said...

I've really enjoyed the birdsong too, it is really lovely in the evening when they ae settling down for bed. We have quite a lot of birds nesting in the trees and hedges near us and a very tame robin has started spending time in our garden - lovely.
I love your little birdhouse - it's gorgeous.
Twiggy x

driftwood said...

the dream of floating in the garden in a linen dress sounds lovely, and of course the linen wouldn't crease!
the bird house is too cute!!

Rachael Rabbit said...

I'm really a little obsessed by birdhouses .... I just think they are beautiful. The dovecot is just gorgeous!

the homely year said...

Love the dovecots and your sweet rosy little nest box...very pretty!
It's so uplifting to hear the bird song at this time of year. The other day there were two black birds singing to each other, one high in a tree in our garden and the other on the ariel across the road.
Margaret and Noreen

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

What a delighful rosey, cat-free birdhouse! I, too, remember fondly the days of being young and trying desperately to fall asleep while it was still light outside!

I love the birdhouse in your first photo, too! Is it a purple martin house (do you have those birds in England - they like communal living and love birdhouses such as the one you've pictured).

Happy weekend!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

What a wonderful daydream.....I like the dove on the finger part! lol That pitcher with the flowers, the one with the birds in blue and pink...LOVE! AND your lovely roses birdhouse.....LOVE~~LOVE!

I know what you mean about the bird's songs. I find it so relaxing and cheering to hear them singing. I have a robin that is starting to build a nest in the rafter of the porch, right outside the little window by my computer--so I might just be privy to watching her hatch her babies this year! I'm so excited.
Smiles, Karen

Thimbleanna said...

That Dovecote is so beautiful and it reminds me of so many that I saw when we were in England. Love your new little birdhouse -- so pretty, just like I would imagine a birdhouse for you!

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Kim,
This weather is wonderful. I have sat quietly and enjoyed the birds singing, does make me smile.
I love the Dovecot and your floral bird box. I have asked N. to make me thre bird box's and all to be different. He has made 2, one with a slate roof and one with a lead roof, they are lovely.
Nothing like a little nap in the garden...I have just had mine!
Just off for a nice cup of tea in the garden now, must make the most of every bit of this lovely weather.Carol x

Simone said...

A dovecote would really enhance my garden. My cat would really like it too!

julia said...

I remember revising like that!
I love the dovecot idea but we don't have the space for one here, the birds would be sitting targets for the cats!
Love your little rose birdhouse, you clever thing!
Julia x

mollycupcakes said...

i Kim,
Your childhood sounds like it was full of loveiness and smiles.
Oh how I long for just the sound of bird song in the evening, we live in a very build up area and all we hear is the loudness of others in their gardens. Not the nice just having a family BBQ, nasty screams, shouting and drunkeness yuk! argh! i hope we move soon.
Send me some of your peacefullness sweetie, in a bottle lol and i'll open it when i'm feeling down.
Enjoy the sunshine.

Catherine x

meggie said...

Love that blue tit sitting in your apple tree.
Looks like you are having some beautiful weather.
I loved the long evenings of light in the South Island in New Zealand. Hard for the children going to bed though. My Grandmother who was English always spoke of the lovely long light evenings in Summers, of her childhood.

Your birdhouse is exquisite.

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh, that bird house is so pretty! I haven't wanted to do anything but lay around and enjoy the weather.

Jacki said...

Love the little birdhouse you made, it's too cute! And I laughed at your sentiment about your cats. I have three cats, and my daughter is bringing home the fish she got while she's been at college this year. It's going to be interesting!

Pondside said...

Lovely to catch up on your posts - I've been on the road again so am a little behind. I had to laught at the image of any of us floating about in white linen with doves flitting around us - isn't imagination a wonderful thing!
Your bird houses are, like everything else, beautiful.

periwinkle said...

Thats a really nice pic of the blue tit in the apple tree, I've always wanted an apple tree
Lisa x

Suzie Sews said...

It is so wonderful to have the sun shine and the birds sing!!!

Isabelle said...

Lovely pictures but can I point out that if you wore white linen you'd forever have to be ironing it?

Kari & Kijsa said...

Happy Mother's Day! Hope you had a wonderful day with your family.

kari & kijsa


That's a lovely dovecote at Nymans, and great photo of the blue-tit, something of which I can't ever get? I think big sister was just mimicking you by shutting her eyes and listening to the birdsong, instead of revising! What you say about childhood memories being fixed in summer is so true. Eyes must be fixed on that beautiful birdhouse in your hall, what a clever idea. x

Miles Away In France said...

I have a bird of paradise just like yours and it revises in the same way lol.

I love the bird box.

Racheal x