Monday, 2 June 2008

A PIF, a TAG & a "MERCI"

Well it's very quiet here this morning. M at work and the girls at school again. The first day back to school always reminds me of that Bjork song "It's Oh so quiet" (please imagine it playing in the background). I love the gentle introduction to the song but on days like today when I'm not quite ready to enjoy the silence and stillness of my home, I'm longing for a bit of the loudness and fun of the rest of the song - tomorrow will be a different story but today it feels like our home has lost a bit of its soul.

Looky here, isn't this lovely pink bear gorgeous? I won it on a PIF giveaway on Jennie's lovely blog. Jennie has made this so beautifully and I don't know how she managed to fit making this in with all the other ones she made. My bear sits proudly on the shelf surrounded by piles of buttons that were also kindly included in the parcel and a delicious bar of Turkish Delight which sadly didn't even last until I finished writing my thank you email to Jennie. I'm a woman of no willpower... In the true spirit of PIFs I know I am meant to offer this on to other readers. So if you would like to enter into a PIF please say so if you comment on this blog, There is no obligation to and unless you state that you want to I will not enter you into the hat. It will of course take me a while to make things to send off but it's a promise, three people will be sent something from me at some point in the future (and judging by woefully bad lack of self discipline, the parcel will not contain any chocolate!).

I have also been tagged by the lovely April. So here are the answers (it being a Monday morning and the lack of chocolate in the house, please make allowances for the answers!).

1) What was I doing ten years ago?

Ten years ago I was living in the twilight zone. The land of sleep deprivation where I had been living for four years and with another year to go until Big Sister decided that sleep was a good thing!

2) What are five (non-work) things on my to-do list for today:

Washing,washing and more of the same.
Running In and out of the garden to retrieve washing from showers.
Running in and out of the garden to re- hang washing when the sun dares to shine.
Making dreaded, and oh so boring, phone call to car insurance company about the lady who drove into my car last year.
Having cup of tea before collecting Little Sister and holding head in hands when I realise how little I've achieved today. Go in search of chocolate on the way to school.

3) Snacks I enjoy:

CHOCOLATE - any shape or form, apart from white chocolate and powdered
Pistachio nuts - I love 'em
Grapes, cold and juicy from the fridge
Greek yogurt (is that a snack?)

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
a) A billionaire - that's a lot of money ...
Would have to give some away to families and friends. There would be no fun unless it could be shared.
b) Give to charities of course - it would be hard to know when to stop
c) A bit of indulgence here - buy a house in French or Italian countryside.
d) Sort out that lavender farm dream
e) This one is pure fantasy - but arrange a huge bloggers party, venue to be decided!

5) Places I have lived:

London and Sussex

6) Jobs I have had:

Saturday jobs whilst still at school - working in clothes shops in London. Great discounts, good opportunities to practise my languages and money left over to go out in the evening!

I have mainly worked for charities since leaving University ( after a brief spell in music PR and teacher training). Working for children's charities have definitely been my favourite jobs. These were in London.
When we moved down to Sussex i had various temping jobs to tide me over (the worst being stuck in a freezing cold portakabin on a building site) and spent some time commuting to London to work which I hated. I think my favourite permanent job here was working at the University. My dream job is yet to happen ...

I know there are rules to this tag and you know that I don't do the rules. So if you want to join in, feel free.and if you've got time please pop over and say hello to April so I don't feel so bad about not playing nicely!!!

Before I go and rescue the washing, once again, I need to thank Mrs Cowboys and Custard and her props department for the so very lovely and generous gifts that she recently sent me and which have featured in many of the totally gratuitous photos here today. THANK YOU!

PS _ I'm very sorry and assumed that everybody knew what a PIF is, here by way of an explanation is this:

I will send a handmade gift to 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don’t know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week but you will receive it within 365 days, that is my promise! The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.


Elizabethd said...

I do so enjoy reading your blogs (dont you wish there was a better word for that?)
Not sure what a PIF is, but count me in!!! It sounds fun.

April said...

Hi Kim

Thanks for your lovely anniversary wishes.

Love the answers on your tag anf yes please enter me into your PIF!

April xx

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I can't say exactly what PIF stands for, but if it may include a handmade goody from you, I'm in too!!!

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

Hi Kim..
What a nice post..a lonesone home after the kids leave for school-yet there is still alittle joy to be alone amongst the peace and quiet--(:)
..the love of chocolate(:) yes yes!!! and the hanging the clothes outside ..Wowowowow I haven't done that for years ..well since I lived at home with my folks.. Makes the clothes smell so good ~!!
Glad you came by.. always welcome (:) hugs Patty

Simone said...

I love the cowboys and custard 'props'! I also like the roses in the top photograph. I may like to do a PIF one day in the future but at the moment I don't have time to finish handmade goods! I bet the recipients of yours will be in for a real treat.

Suzie Sews said...

I love your new bunny...I think she will be very hapopy in her new home. As for the CHOCOLATE...any shape or oyu eat cooking chocolate when all else is not available?

Heidi said...

Another chocolate lover raising her hand here! :) But not to have any chocolate in the house...shock and horror sounds coming from my end. LOL! I have this tag too and still have to get to it. I am lazy about them. Your bear is just adorable and looks like he is very comfortable in your home.

Hugs ~

Vanessa said...

Jennie's teddy bears seem to be appearing all over blogland at the moment she has been very busy.

I'm up for the PIF, don't worry I am very patient.

Enjoy the peace and quiet!

Vanessa x

Cowboys & Custard said...

Dear Kim.. not wishing to be a party pooper.. would you mind if I didn't join in this PIF..?
I will be a shrinking violet and watch from the wings..
I found it fascinating to hear about your jobs and charity work must be so fulfilling..
If you ever find yourself with several thousand Euro and you do decide to buy a house in Tuscany.. please can I come visit..?


jo said...

Nice to have found out a little more about you. Haven't a clue what PIF is but count me in. The bear is soo cute.

dottycookie said...

Lovely post, Kim! I have the song buzzing round my head now. It was anyhting but quiet here today - we had an inset day and a pair of cheerleaders moved in ...

Much as I'd love to PIF I really can't at the moment, but I hope you have fun!

Rosezilla said...

What lovely roses! What's a PIF? I'm a newbie, I haven't learned blogease yet. I finally got a clothes dryer after 29 years - it was given to us - but I still hang some stuff. Does make the towels softer tho!

meggie said...

It is always fun to learn more about our bloggy friends. Nice post!

Linda said...

Hi Kim,
Would love to enter your PIF, I know what you mean about the house being so quiet, although since we got our birds our house is now never quiet. Loved reading the tag, it's always fun to find out more about your fellow bloggers.
Cheers Linda

Thimbleanna said...

How fun that you'll be doing a PIF Kim. I really enjoyed it when I did it -- can't see what you make for your pifettes!

Tracy said...

Such fun to read your list...and that bear is adorable! Those roses are splendid *SIGH* Happy Days to you all (HUGS))

Nonnie said...

Glad to know that there is someone who is as chocolate obsessed as I am! I'm being really lazy as I should be emailing you properly but am soooo busy. Just wanted to say thank you for the parcel which I finally managed to collect from the post office, especially the extra rag heart which is very cute and was very kind of you to include. Both items will have homes soon in and on the new chest of drawers which we are currently searching for. Hope you're enjoying the silence a little more today. x

thriftymrs said...

I'd love to join in the PIF.

Elizabethd said... body has explained the PIF!

carolyn said...

Turkish Delight wouldn't have survived here either.

Elizabethd said...

Pay It Forward!! Thank you!.

twiggypeasticks said...

Great answers to your tag, I love the bear that Jennie sent you, she's a clever lady. I'd love to be in your PIF please, even tohugh I still have an outstanding one to do :) I'll do it, I promise.
Twiggy x

gillie said...

The Turkish Delight would have been quite safe with me, but I wouldn't give chocolate much of a life expectancy! What kind of charity work did you do?

No PIF for me this time, I would be bound to let the next person down!

silverpebble said...

Love your pictures of quirky vintage things. That bear is gorgeous too.

With you on the chocolate - at 39 weeks preg I feel it offers the baby essential delicious melty nutrients that simply can't be gained elsewhere. Very important.

Very happy to be in on the PIF and pass on goodies.

Heidijayhawk said...

lovely post as always! count me in!

the homely year said...

Hi, didn't know until now what a PIF is...sounds a lovely idea though!
Margaret and Noreen

periwinkle said...

I love a bit of piece and quiet, probably because it so rarely happens in this household! That bear is just gorgeous. It is definately easier to diet on sunny days I agree and don't worry about Milos stamps.
Lisa x

Rosezilla said...

Ok, I've done my research, now I know what PIF is. And what Pay It Forward means! I'll watch this time and learn some more.

Pondside said...

It's lovely to catch up on your last two blogs. I've been running around in a whirl and haven't had time to write myself but always like to read! Your photographs are beautiful and have reinforced my plan to drag the Great Dane on a walking holiday.

LOUISE said...

I think I have mentioned it before, but please include me on your staff list for the lavender farm. Shhhh shhhh, I can't get it out of my head now. No need to be quiet, just turn the volume up a bit. That's what I do, although I am fortunate to have elderly neighbours who are a little deaf! I thought your post was looking a bit Cowboys & Custardy, now I know why. Great to find out a few things about you. I know you are great at crafting but don't include me in the PIF thanks Kim. x

Garden girl said...

good grief, what a popular lady you are-took me ages to read your other messages! lovely to read more about you (and yes, I think you can class yoghurt as a snack, especially on strawberries,yum) I too am going to bow out of the PIF, my crafting ability has been lost of late, but do have fun x

Shirl said...

Lovely photo of roses and what a gorgeous pink bear, you lucky thing!

Jennie said...

YAy my bear looks lovely at your house!
I'll sit the PIF out if you don't mind because I have to make a Russian doll and I am lacking in inspiration and time :(((

Cowboys & Custard said...

Oh course.. I should have said..Wish I was there too..!

Lucy @attic24 said...

Hiya Kim
Catching up with you on your blog is like a breeath of fresh air, I lvoed your littel flowery posie in the jar, so pretty.
Pleeeeeeeeease enter me in for your PIF, I'm in, I'm in and fingers crossed (tight)