Thursday, 21 May 2009

Two go mad on doughnuts ...

So Emma and I finally got to play hooky and we couldn't have chosen a better day for it. After months and months of planning a day out together - we did it! How many times have we sat over our coffees planning our jolly jaunt onto the Downs? Living just streets away, you would think that it would be a tad easier to arrange than this...

The last time I saw Emma, a couple of weeks ago, was during one of her stints at the wonderful Open House she is exhibiting in. I bounded into the room eager to see my chum again and stopped dead in my tracks, how could it be that the pair of us could both be wearing identical clothes, from top to toe I wonder? Fashion faux pas to one side, it's well worth visiting this lovely house if you're around Brighton this weekend (if not, I know that Emma has a lovely Folksy and Etsy shop too which have the added advantage of not needing to phone ahead to check on what you're both wearing!).

Back to yesterday - we pootled up to the Downs to visit one of the Anish Kapoor scultpures that are exhibited around the city as part of the Festival.

Fresh air, two giggling bloggers with no sense of direction and a touch of culture thrown in what could be better?
Nothing much could have been better about yesterday actually.

The sun was out and shining, the sheep and cows were enjoying themselves and the sculpture was absolutely breathtaking. To see the landscape and sky reflected, magnified like this was wonderful. Luckily for us we went along quite early and were able to enjoy the spectacle in relative peace.

Well I say peace, it was quite calm until we arrived. In fact I think the group of arriving schoolchildren were better behaved than us. In our defence, all we were trying to do was take some photos that didn't have various parts of our bodies reflected in the sculpture, but this was easier said than done.

We finally ended up lying down beneath the plinth, taking turns to poke our heads up at an angle and point and shoot.

I'm sure if you look closely at the photos you'll see various bits of us but you won't hear the giggles (unless you listen very carefully).

Well all this art and culture can be just a little tiring don't you think? Emma had planned ahead - she arrived at my house armed with two of the best doughnuts in town (still warm from the oven), a flask of tea (of course) and because she's lovely Emma, freshly ironed crisp white napkins and tablecloth.

So we sat on a bench overlooking the beautiful Indian war memorial,

The Chattri,

drinking our tea and devouring our doughnuts, planning our next jaunt - secateurs at the ready, we plan a day of elderflower gathering and cordial making and of course freshly ironed tablecloths too.

Thanks Emma.


Elizabethd said...

Oh what a blissful day! How funny your photo session was, I can imagine you trying all sorts of positions!
Wouldnt you like to put a Follower button on your site?

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Wow it looks like a gorgeous day was had.
Thank you for sharing your photographs.

Julie said...

sounds like a perfect day - I can just imagine the two of you lying there and giggling away. Doughnut looked delicious too.

Thimbleanna said...

Ohmygosh -- you two are so funny. I can just imagine the two of you trying to figure out how to take those pictures. What a sight that must have been. What a wonderful day out!

Floss said...

It sounds great - I love the accidental shot of your feet!

Sew Recycled said...

Lucia darling!
Mi piace molto our little outing my dear. Full of frivolous fun. One is looking forward to are prossimo grande giorno out!
Perhaps a little duet?
Are you ready? Uno, due, TRE!


5ft Inf said...

Great photos...I went up yesterday evening and got some weird shots's amazing up there.
How cultered Brighton is at the moment, eh?...what with its doghnuts and Downs art!
x Philippa

Suzie Sews said...

blissful day... and such great pics... lucky you

Hollace said...

How fun and funny!

Cowboys and Custard said...

A perfect day in May...


Devon Dumpling said...

What a lovely day out! x

Rubyred said...

Those doughnuts look gorgeous, what a lovely day out!
Rachel x

the homely year said...

Sounds like a fab day! And great fun trying to take the photos.

I thought I'd taken some really good ones of our greenhouse, then realised that I was reflected in every shot (including old boots, uncombed hair and scruffy fleece). Needless to say, I didn't use them!

Margaret (and Noreen)