Friday, 21 May 2010

Friday Flowers

On the walk to school this morning I passed by a front garden filled with brightly coloured wallflowers, the colours of your favourite boiled sweets in an old fashioned jar in an old fashioned sweet shop. Amongst them sat forget-me-nots, their delicate heads nodding in the gentle breeze. As I walked past the air was full of the scent of those wallflowers and I was immediately transported back to the field at my primary school.

They must have been planted somewhere amongst the trees or in one of the borders, for the scent of those flowers took me back immediately to that field amidst the daisies, playing with my friends on what seemed to be very hot summer playtimes. They also conjured up the colours of the sashes we used to have to wear on Sports Day to differentiate our teams, I was always yellow and the sight of us all lined up on the field with our coloured stripes reminded me of the ribbons hanging from the maypole that we also used to dance round at this time of year.
All this from a few seconds passing a front garden...

Today has been a glorious day, Beautifully hot, lovely and still and a chance to savour the garden, listen to the birds and to sit in the garden, on the bench and dangle my hand indolently over the cat's tummy as she lies belly up slowly melting in the sun.

At the back of the garden the ceonathus has really taken off this year and looks so lovely against the ivy covered walls.

Under the apple tree the last few remaining bluebells sit.

The alliums are coming out to play for the weekend

and stand majestically amongst the muddle of the borders.

I managed to save a lone anemone from the slugs and placed in a vase and brought it

I picked the first two peonies from the front garden to accompany it
And photographed them to share with you

Have a lovely weekend and especially for all of you who are in the middle of exams
and, moreover, for all of you LIVING with people taking exams - take time to smell the flowers.


Hollace said...

Beautiful! It's cold and rainy here, not like spring/summer at all.

Sal said...

Gorgeous photos!
We've had an amazingly hot day here!
I'm just about to do battle with, 'Pre 1914 Poetry'!!
I'll be glad when the exams are over too , as having had a day in the garden I don't really feel like doing the serious stuff!!
Have a lovely weekend ;-)

Country Cottage Chic said...

Lovely flowers!

Exams have just started here & so far we are keeping calm & carrying on....


swedishouse said...


Lovely Friday Flowers...and memories too! Have a lovely weekend ENJOY!
Kram Julie x

Lisa said...

It was lovely reading about how you were transported back to school. The same thing happens to me when walk past a certain plant at this time of year. Sitting under a tree reading a book about a little girl sat on her granny's backdoor step shelling peas. The same memory every time!
Those peonies are beautiful.
Lisa x

Vintage Amethyst said...

So pretty, I do so love Peonies.
Have a lovely weekend

melanie said...

Gorgeous piccies, it is super duper hot here. :) xx

Isabelle said...

My ceanothus isn't out yet - up here in the (actually scorching, today) north.

Dianne said...

Gorgeous flowers and lovely pics! Thanks for sharing them.

Cowboys and Custard said...

Aha.. see what you mean Milly... we are obviously both in contemplative moods. Must be the weather!
Good luck to your exam girl.. Just focus on the end of June.. and it will all be over then.. or will it?

Dottie xx

Ann Flower said...

Flowers bring so much joy to those who have the time enjoy them. It was nice going through your blog.