Wednesday, 5 May 2010


I've come to the conclusion and I probably am one of the last to do so, that this city was born to party! And it all seems to reach a culmination in the month of May, the festival begins, the sun tries to shine, people are on the streets, doors are open, the trees begin to blossom and the fun is there for the taking...

(resisting the temptation to paint over the gorgeous hidden colours of this old bracket)

I am in danger of taking all of this for granted. Living up a hill from the city centre I tend to gaze eastwards for trips along the coast and inland for walks along the Downs. I come down the hill for a bit of foraging and leave my seaside strolls along the Prom to the winter when all is quiet and the sea mist envelops the piers and muffles the sounds of the waves...

However, come May, it would be foolish to ignore all the wonders that are on offer.

From the wonderful, wonderful Children's Parade that kickstarts the Festival into action, to the most amazing piece of theatre that we visited on Saturday... I can't say more about it, other than if you are in the area, go see it, it truly is dream-like, enchanting, not what you expect and the best use of the building space you could ever imagine. It's so good that I'm going again tonight taking Big Sister but I won't divulge anymore as I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

Also this weekend we took Little Sister and her friend to the theatre and were back home again in time for lunch!

The following day we went down to see Brian Eno's 77 million paintings exhibition

and sat on sofas and watched,


Excuse the poor photos,

they really are no substitute for the real thing.

(a special dress...)

There are so many things to visit and see, fabulous Open Houses, go along and see Emma's if you can, themed walks around the city, jazz (saw some of that on Tuesday), the only problem I'm having is finding the time and money to fit it all in (I hate to say it but I fell asleep twice at the concert on Tuesday and was practically horizontal by the encore).

(up on the kitchen shelf...)

And as the sun shines through the windows here I have decided to look up and around in different directions, places that I wouldn't usually see and share with you some glimpses...

(a glimpse of Spring from my bedroom window)

TheBrighton Festival runs until 23rd May and the Open Houses are open at the weekends.


Milly and Dottie said...
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Cowboys and Custard said...

Was it really two years ago that I made that fateful journey to Brighton to meet a friend and visit the open houses? The feeling of 'festival' is still with me.. and the colours and vibrancy that Brighton has to offer.

D x

Diane said...

It all sounds really lovely - just the sort of thing I love, but sadly too far away. Although Brighton is on my list of places to visit. Great photos. xxx

Louise said...

I always enjoy coming into Brighton, when time permits! Enjoy the festival. x

Anonymous said...

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