Wednesday, 23 January 2008

It's in the air ...

Well it was in the air on Monday and now it's gone again! For one day only the grey lifted and we had sunlight, It was enough to make me venture into the garden and peer round. My poor garden is looking neglected and unloved and I almost don't want to look out of the window. Hidden amongst the fallen leaves and broken branches that I never got round to tidying up, were these little fellows....

Signs of new life, Spring can't be far off. It does amaze me that something as delicate as a shoot from a tiny bulb can bear to show it's head in wintry temperatures and yet I don't leave the house without at least four layers on. It does make you feel optimistic though, I know February and March can be dire but it's great to have these little signs that things are moving forward and the days are getting longer.

The cats of course are still in hibernation and without the Christmas tree baubles to amuse them, they spend their days completely inert on the sofa. Except of course when you go out into the garden and then the fun and games begin. From being dead to the world to scaling the highest branch of the tree, this cat can do it in five seconds flat! She does like to show off and I'm sure she senses just how nervous I am standing underneath the branches trying to gently coax her down.

I'm slowly emerging from a mountain of hearts that I've been making for various stockists for Valentines Day. Most of them have been made using recycled fabric which I'm very pleased about. I have also put some in my Etsy shop, for the romantic amongst you. I have not yet listed any red ones, but if anyone would a red one please contact me. Judging by the amount of crafting that's going on around blogland it seems that we all seem to be thinking about St Valentines. And whilst I'm here I better tell you that as far as my love is concerned, I'm in the doghouse! I forgot to mention M's birthday last week. Well I didn't forget I made a concerted effort not to mention it. M's quite shy and reticent and I figured he would not want everyone to know. Well I gauged it wrong and apparently I've found time to mention anything and everything from chocolate to laundries and flipflops but not mentioned his birthday. So please readers, take a minute to wish him Happy (rather belated) Birthday!

Phew, glad that's done. It's my turn to thank Betty at She's Sew Pretty who passed this award on to me last week.

I have been reading Betty's lovely blog since I started blogging last year and I always enjoy visiting her. The award is for devoted readers who leave supportive comments on your blog. Well I think that just about covers all of you, I have never experienced so much support in my life before. I am going to give this award to all of you, your generosity of spirit never fails to surprise me. I would like to mention two bloggers in particular who have been visiting me since I started last year Heidi from Celebrate The Seasons and

Louise from Beachys Capecodcupboard, thank you for all your support over the months.
Before me and my addled brain get into any more trouble with members of the Ragged Roses household, "Get Well Soon" to my oldest daughter who's poorly at the moment.


Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Kim
More sublime photos from the Ragged Roses household!
May I be the first to wish your beloved a very Happy Belated Birthday... I hope he was suitably spoilt on his special day.
Get well soon to your daughter too..
and Congratulations to YOU for your lovely award.. it is such a pretty one and so well deserved.. and for your beautiful Valentines...ragged hearts and ragged roses go hand in hand.
As for that delinquent moggy of yours.. Spring must be in the air..after Pickles disgraced himself the other day with the feathered offering he got in a punch up today with a neighbours cat.. oh the shame of it all!

Love to you

Heidi said...

AH! This is just the sweetest award and I thank you for this special mention. Here I sometimes am thinking my comments are maybe too long and drawn out like this one will become. :) It is so important to comment on each other's blogs and can lead to some great online friendships!

Okay, lots to say...

First ~ Happy birthday to M and I hope his year is full of sunshine, love and surprises.

Second ~ Get well very soon to oldest DD. It is no fun to be poorly other than getting love and comfort from Mom. That is always great medicine.

Third ~ I love those hearts! How adorable. How big are they?

Fourth ~ Fun that you could venture out into the garden. There is no prettier shade of green that the first shoots of a bulbed flower or the first starting leaves on shrubs and trees. Are those roses from your garden too? I love white roses!

Fifth ~ Are you ready to take the award back now after another long comment? I hope not and I am glad you blog and that we can visit each other through them.

Happy Wednesday Kim! Make it a special day...

Hugs ~

driftwood said...

oh what lovely hearts! and please send happy birthday wishes to M !

Garden girl said...

I love the hearts Kim, sounds like you are going to be busy in the run up to 14th February.
I know exactly what you mean about the bulbs- doesn't seem possible that something so fresh and green has been lurking under the cold waterlogged soil does it?! I have a vase of daffodils on the window that are slowly starting to open. They always make me smile.
Hope your daughter feels better soon!
anna xx

Emma Herian said...

Happy Belated M!
And I hope C gets well soon, I have spent another day in bed so I know how she feels. Congrats on your award, you are very dedicated blogger. The hearts are fantastic, you should do some ragged Heart hotwater bottle covers - cosy.
Must go back to bed, take care & hopefully see you friday.

Jackie M said...

Well Kim , here's a belated Happy Birthday to M and get well soon to Miss Deer! I love those photos, so cheering as always. Congratulations on your award, that's a really nice one which I've never seen before. The hearts are beautiful, I'm off to your Etsy shop again now! Jackie Mx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Congratulations on your award, and a happy belated birthday to M!
Your hearts are so pretty, ooohh I love Valentines day!
love Alison x

periwinkle said...

Hi, Thanks for your comment on my Blog . I hadn't spotted yours before but now I want to read it all. I so wish that we had a garden but all we have is a yard with a stretch of soil down one side, you are so lucky. I'll definately be back. Thanks again Lisa

Pretty Practicals said...

Happy Birthday to M!
Gorgeous hearts, I think I will have to have a wander to your shop.
Your pictures are always wonderful, those roses are so pretty!
Best wishes, Liz

Thimbleanna said...

Happy, happy birthday to M!!! And Get Well soon to beloved daughter. Love, LOVE those cute pink roses!!!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Congratulations on your award, Kim, and I am so honored that you mentioned me! =) I just LOVE visiting your blog and seeing all your beautiful creations and lovely photos of England! =)

That cat!!! That tree!!! I have never seen my cat climb anything but hubby's leather sofa (naughty-naughty!!!) lol And I'm amazed your bulbs are so far along... that would be cause for some serious celebration around here!

dottycookie said...

Happy Birthday M! And a big get well soon to your little one too.

Love the bulbs coming up - we have our first daffodil out in the garden! It is an extra early cheating variety but still cause for lots of smiling!

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Congrats on your award Kim, well deserved. The Valentine hearts are so pretty, you've been very busy I can see. We're starting to see tiny signs of Spring up here too, although not a lot of sunshine yet. Isn't it nice to feel Winter is behind us for another year. Happy Birthday to M too, I think you should be allowed out of that doghouse now!

Anonymous said...

Congratualtions on your well deserved award, Kim! It's so nice to see Spring coming to your corner of the world ... we've got a lot of Winter to go through yet. I love your white roses and pink hearts.

Happy belated Birthday wishes to your dear husband and I hope your daughter feels better soon.

~ hugs, Lynda xo

The Tattered Nest said...

I love the pink heart! and I hope your daughter is well again real soon! The pictures of your garden brightened my cold dreary day!

meggie said...

Happy Birthday & Many More to Come!

Love those soft pink hearts. Your roses are just beautiful too.
Hope your daughter is soon in the pink!

Samantha said...

Hi Kim,
I can feel smug here safe in the knowledge that I have already wished M Happy Birthday!

Love the hearts.


Nonnie said...

A very happy belated Birthday to Mr Ragged Roses!
Hope daughter is feeling lots better very soon.
Just love the photos of the cat up the tree and the shoots pushing through the earth. It really does feel good to know that Spring is not so far away. The hearts are lovely too. I'm busy working on some Valentines bits too which I'm hoping to have in my etsy shop soon. It's funny that not having to think about valentines day for myself this year is making me more inspired to be creative for my shop.

Curlew Country said...

What a lovely post Kim. I saw daffs out today can you believe it, that's what I call an early variety. The sun is out aswell today and I so wish I was in our new garden rather than at work. Good luck with finishing your new stock. Looks beautiful. I'll have a proper peek. Have a lovely weekend.

Margaret said...

Wow! I can't believe you have things growing there already! (I live in Northern Canada and everything will be totally dead here for another five months!). Lovely photos!

Ali said...

Happy belated birthday Mr M.

I love it when family members get the hump over not appearing (or appearing in a less than glowing fashion) on blogs!!

the homely year said...

What pretty won't be long until Valentines day wich is a lovely thought because of course it will be February and spring will be on it's way. Isn't it great to see the spring flowers emerging. Like you, we love to look for every new shoot.
Margaret and Noreen

Emma said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for several months and have enjoyed all of your posts and pictures - your home looks lovely, and I really like the pretty pink hearts you've been making! Anyway, I thought I'd mark 2008 with a change and start posting messages! So I just wanted to say hi - and a happy belated birthday to your special man, and send get well soon wishes to your daughter!

I look forward to your next posts. Take care and best wishes, Emma. xx

carol eldridge said...

congrats on your award and your always lovely photos of the English countryside. It is fun to get ready for Valentine's day and I have been painting and making some fun things as well, so please stop by and take a look.


Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Kim, cat's got my tongue today, so to speak, so I'll just say Hi, and congratulations on your award. Blog-friends are amazing, aren't they!
Lucy x

Sea Angels said...

Hi Kim...very nice award, it is so special to receive them, and just perfectly lovely shabby pink hearts... you have brightened my day.
I'm ignoring the signs of spring for the moment...I want some snow first!!...(I wish)
Have a great weekend
Hugs Lynn xx
Happy Birthday to your hubby xx

mollycupcakes said...

Hi Kim,
Can i buy one of your baby pink hearts and send you a cheque for payment. I've ticked the email box so you can let me know.
Catherine x

mollycupcakes said...

Happy belated birthday M
And get well soon deer.
Catherine x

She'sSewPretty said...

Happy Birthday to M!! I hope it was a wonderful day! Kim for not mentioning his birthday, I think you should treat him like a king, fetch his slippers, make him toddies, etc. LOL
Love the hearts!!

weirdbunny said...

I sorted out a lot of Gwenny's old tee shirts in the week and tried to make a pom pom out off jersey like you. Total disaster, I cut the fabric strips too thick,and it turned out sort of oval and fell apart. You must have so much patience making them ! ~ love Julia x

Janette said...

love the hearts, I think you are right there is definitely a heart thing going on right now, what a romantic valentine bunch we all must be.

Lovely photos again, I really must practice my photography skills to be able to match yuor photo talent.


Isabelle said...

It's very late now - I've not been able to get near blogs (too much work to do) - but happy very belated birthday to M from me too. And I hope older D is now recovered.

Heidijayhawk said...

the new growth is making me feel a bit hopeful. if only we could see the ground through the snow. sigh.