Friday, 11 January 2008

Weekend Whimsy - Chapter 2

Well the girls are back at school. M's back at work, the house is clear of glitter and decoration and the weather is wet and grey! Yesterday morning at school I was chatting to a friend of mine about the summer holidays, we were saying that we both fancied a holiday that featured lots of beautiful countryside, the sea, fresh air and the chance to spend time enjoying our family. I'd earmarked the day for crafting and catching up on stock orders but when I got home what I came up with was very different to what I had planned. The view from the window was miserable, incessant rain and wind all day long - I needed to escape! Out came the vintage fabric scraps and postcards and I was on holiday again.

Nostalgic images of seaside towns and country cottages were just what I needed. Quaint and idyllic were just what was required! So in my Etsy shop is another nostalgic seaside bundle and a little package of thatched cottages and countryside. It wasn't long before I was thinking back over the drives we use to take to Devon when Big Sister was just a toddler.

Avoiding the busy roads we would follow the coast road through Sussex and meander through the New Forest, take detours through lovely villages in Dorset and find ourselves in the most delicious countryside. surrounded by cottages that looked like they hadn't changed in centuries. We'd potter on to Devon and follow the coast down to our destination, glimpsing the sea every now again and crossing fields with foxglove filled hedgerows and rolling hills.

Isn't it funny how the mind plays tricks on you? How it edits things so dramatically. If I think again about the journeys I also remember stopping every hour on the hour to change nappies, find food, check the map, repack the car which seemed to contain the entire contents of our house and holding our breath and shutting our eyes as enormous tractors would appear from nowhere on single country lanes hurtling towards us! I remember reaching our holiday home, exhausted and frazzled, vowing never to do the journey again and of course returning the following year for more of the same.

The lure of the countryside and sea has always been too much for me. It would be hard to pick a favourite. Could you choose, land or sea?

More whimsy here - look at these lovely badges I bought from Samantha as stocking fillers for the girls. Samantha has been very busy over at Plump Pudding producing badges with vintage fabrics and nostalgic images. My daughters loved them and I was very hard pushed to hand them over.

Another rainy day today, so I've brought a little bit of sunshine in. My new set of ragballs are covered in this lovely bright, fun floral fabric and embellished with colourful lace flowers. Nothing subtle here, instant sunshine and smiles. I've made myself a set and there's also a set in my Etsy shop too.

Finally a very big "thank you" for all your lovely comments on the last post. The chair has survived and is living happily in our bedroom. I also need to let you know who won the giveaway - drum roll please: Ruth from Oh So Vintage, if you're reading this, you've won! Little Sister chose a random number from the numbered comments and number 45 it was.
Hope you all have a good weekend and find time for a little whimsy of your own.



Hi Kim, I have got the day off work today, it has been very grey and wet, but looking out of my window at the moment it looks like it may be brightening up a little, not that it makes much difference to me, I have got a pile of ironing waiting for me, that's if I can pull myself away from this computer! I love land, as I grew up on a farm in Angmering, and I love sea, as you know I am so close to it like you, and many a day was spent with granny and grandad at the seaside. We love that summer journey to, through Hampshire, Dorset, Devon and finally Cornwall, really it doesn't take very long and we do it often, it really is like being in a fantasy world. You are very imaginative with your little packages and ragballs, I wish I had the skill to come up with these ingenious ideas! x

Tracy said...

So many new lovelies! You've been busy on your day off! I love you style--so cheerful and soothing too, the cottage-cosy feel is wonderful. I'm taking the day off also, and along with tomorrow I hope to be making some pretties as well. Happy weekend to you & yours ((HUGS))

OhSoVintage said...

Oh WOW! Does that mean I've won the chair!!!! (I wish).
Thankyou, I can't remember when I last won anything, I'm not a generally 'lucky' person. My email address is You've certainly been busy making lots of lovely things. I wouldn't like to live too far from the sea but I do love rivers too so as long as there was water nearby it wouldn't matter too much if it was sea or land.
Thanks again,
Ruth x

Cowboys & Custard said...

You have bought a lovely ray of sunshine with you today Kim..the colours of your rag balls and cheery memories of holidays in one of my favourite places has really brightened this awfully soggy day..
We dream of retiring to Devon one day..
Dartmoor or the south Hams..?? tough decision..

Love Mx

Anonymous said...

Wet, grey and windy here at Willow House today unfortunately I haven't been inspired to create merely to sit and read. Oh well.
Definetly a sea person me, now if I was down at the coast I wouldn't be inside reading I'd be mooching along the beach getting freezing cold and soaking wet either that or wandering through the woods.
Maybe tomorrow.

Mirre said...

You make me long for summer!!!
We'll be going to France... just 7 more months ;)

French Knots said...

It's grey and wet here too, uninspiring hence reading blogs rather than sewing!
I have happy childhood memories of the seaside and would love to live closer to the sea.
Cute little packages!

The Crafts House said...

In the freezing rain of the north of England I sit escaping in the land of blog...I want to go on holiday now!Love your bundles

Jessica said...

Your sachets and rag balls are beautiful! I have just discovered your blog and just wanted to let you know how gorgeous and inspiring your posts and pictures are.

Suzie Sews said...

Lovely photos, its the sea for me, and the pictures reminded me of family holidays in Cornwall, the drive there with the famous @are we there yet'???

Thimbleanna said...

What a lovely post Kim! You've made me want to come back to Dorset -- we only spent a few days there -- not nearly long enough. Of course we HAD to visit Thomas Hardy's cottage! I love the flower print in your fabric balls -- reminds me of a print I had when I was a kid. Have a good weekend!

Heidi said...

This post makes me want to jump across the channel and do some roaming around the English countryside for a change! I am afraid there is no time for any whimsy here this weekend. Jos just cancelled his flights to Las Vegas for his business trip as he is now very sick. Fever and all which I fortunately did not have while I was sick. He is much worse. I am glad I don't have to miss him but not at all glad he is sick! He is going to see how it goes and maybe try to fly over for the remainder of the meetings on Monday. We will see.

Your ragballs are very summer sunshine and I think are reflecting your mood in the winter wind and rain. What ever happened to real winters anyway? I hope you are still enjoying your peppernoten or are they all gone?

Hugs ~

Sea Angels said...

Well Kim I can't choose.... I must have both. I felt refreshed reading your post though, it made me think of the potential of the holidays, the planning, the excitement, very clever you are!!!
you brightened my rainy day.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs Lynn xx

Miles Away In France said...

Oh I am now feeling in the mood to book a lovely little holiday cottage in england.

Inspiring post and lovely pictures.

Racheal x

Lynda said...

It's gray and raining here today too ... and cold. I love your packages of land and sea and your cheery rag balls! It's nice to create something that brings you such pleasant memories. ~ Lynda xo

thehomelyyear said...

Hi, what lovely things you're showing us. Makes me feel better about this awful weather. It has to be countryside for me, just because I'm used to living about as far from the sea as you can get in England. I do love to visit the seaside though...Llandudno is a big favourite for a day out. We're having a weekend on the south coast in Feb...can't wait!
Margaret and Noreen

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Kim, we've had the same horrible rain and wind (we even had lightning and thunder today - two things we NEVER get in wintertime because it is SUPPOSED to be cold)! I love your seaside creations! You have a wonderful knack for putting things together (the cards, fabrics, tags)! And you made me laugh about not wanting to return once you've had a vacation, only to repeat it the next year! =) We ALWAYS do that! (We're now getting to the point where the two middle school boys aren't always too interested in the things my little ones want to do - makes for interesting road trips these days.)

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh Kim! I am so needing a trip to the beach. I don't know when we can squeeze one in though. It is gloomy and gray her today and I think I need to go to the garage and look for some cheery yellow fabric too! Those rag balls just make me smile.

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

sea! definitely over land =) i dream about owning a cottage on the lake... maybe some day. i love the rag balls you made they are adorable. debbie

Garden girl said...

Kim, it has to be the sea for me...but possibly because we live in the Country (we always want what we can't have...) but having said that, it always makes holidays even more special, doesn't it?Love your new lavender bundles, will have to make some more purchases after payday!
anna x

Amanda said...

Oh what a wonderful way to spend the weekend - reminiscing and dreaming of the summer!! I have to say it would be a hard push for me to choose between land and sea but I sway just that little bit further towards the land!

salgull said...

I love your blog!I just stumbled across it from another link.It's lovely!
Devon is very windy right now..;-) Sal