Friday, 18 January 2008

Where's my jumper?

I took this photo in the garden yesterday at the brightest point of the day . it is sooo grey here. I could tolerate the rain and the cold if we had some respite from the grey. What with the mornings being so dark and gloomy too. I have been lucky in that I've spent a lot of time at home this week finishing orders, ordering canvas and fabric and generally feeling coccooned. Buoyed along with the help of Radio 4 and a mountain of blogs to read, the atmosphere has been cosy and calm, so things haven't been too bad.
What I am beginning to realise is that I really need some fresh air, not the mad dash to school or corner shop kind of fresh air, but the exhilarating and bracing breath of air you get on a long winter's walk. I also need to buy some woollies, I seem to be mistress of the cardigans but looking through my clothes the other day found that I've only got one thick jumper that I wear (I hate to admit this) over my pyjama tops if I get up really early to go to the car boot!

Evenings here seem to be spent fighting the urge to fall asleep on the sofa by the fire. We seem to be going to bed earlier and earlier. Things are so different in the summer when you want to savour every last minute of the day. Mind you there's a lot to be said for going to bed with a good book! You probably all know my favourite book, this post here explains why I love "I Capture the Castle" so much. But any books by Anne Tyler do for me what a nice old woolly jumper might on a long, cold walk. She writes books that offer gentle insights into the every day, the detail of domestic and family life with a humour and warmth that always make me smile. I know I'm in for a treat when there's a new Anne Tyler to be read. Lying on the sofa or snuggled under the duvet (and mountain of eiderdowns) these are the kind of books that I love to read on grey days.

But it's not all gloom and doom, has anyone had an orange recently? I forgot just how good they are at this time of the year! We had some navel oranges last night and I was instantly transported to being a little girl watching my dad peel orange after orange for me when my mum had found some at the greengrocers. It had to be the sweet, juicy navel oranges though, although I never liked to eat the "baby" one inside! So if the grey all gets a bit too much this weekend, how about a bit of Anne Tyler and a bowl of oranges. Well. maybe not a bowl that would be too virtuous - how about a good book, an orange and a bowl full of chocolate ...
Have a good weekend


Garden girl said...

Or a chocolate orange? (just a thought) am going to investigate Ann Tylers books now- your recommendation for I capture the Castle was so good, I'm sure Anns' will be too! Still raining here too, and we have sandbags at the ready!(and a canoe)x

millhillmum said...

Oranges are yummy at the moment. I am still on the look out for seville oranges to make marmalade this year, I haven't spotted them yet and I am hoping I haven't missed them.

driftwood said...

grey and wet here too, I think your recipe of oranges chocolate and a book might make for the perfect weekend - I haven't read any of your recommendations.

as for jumpers, I find my husband to be a very good source of nice jumpers, they're a bit big but that's part of the charm, maybe your hubby has one you could steal?

She'sSewPretty said...

I love oranges and I have a bin full from our tree. The only thing is I forget they are there and reach for the junk food. So, today I am going to have an orange and look up Ann Tyler while I eat it. Thanks Kim!

Rubyred said...

I love oranges but HATE peeling them I always get hubby to do it.It did make me laugh,the bit about you with your pyjama top and jumper at the car boot!Must look up that book too!

Jackie M said...

Oh, I love Anne Tyler too Kim, she's one of my favourite authors. Have you tried Carol Shields and Alison Lurie, too? They are similair types of authors and also excellent. The clementines and satsumeas are still tasty at the moment, and easier to peel! Jackie Mx

Sea Angels said...

Mmmmm, going out does make a real difference, I agree, it's just the rain is horrid...ugh
I have never read any of Anne Tylers books I will nip into a book shop asap and indulge.
Have you tried Nial Williams 'The Four Letters of Love'....fantastic
Have a great weekend
Hugs Lynn x

Heidi said...

I am going to agree with garden girl and say it will be a book and a chocolate orange for me! I bought "I Capture the Castle" because of you. That was back when I first started reading your blog and you convinced me I needed to read this book. It is on my shelves waiting. I transfer books to my book tray on my bed which is what I grab when I finish a book. It is grey here too but I think England is really getting hit with more rain that we from the sounds of your news.

Don't you love a big thick wool sweater on a cold day!

Hugs ~
Heidi (who is a happy girl as Jos will be on his way home in a couple of hours.)

Suzie Sews said...

Oh my you make winter sound wounderful...I know what you mean about the fire, it send me in to a state of semi sleep.

Anonymous said...

The sun came out here today and what a difference it makes! But it's so COLD! Oranges are such a treat this time of year ... I need to stock up as there's only one left in the fridge. Have a great weekend, Kim! ~ hugs, Lynda xo

Sew Recycled! said...

Yum yum, Sounds fab idea. We are going to the ice show on Sat, so hopefully there will be a bit of sparkle too this weekend. Are you up for a coffee next friday? Enjoy your weekend, we must catch up. Emx

Ali said...

I'm with you on the oranges - bought 4 ENORMOUS ones the other day and scoffed 3 of them without sharing. Bad mummy. But they were soooo good. I think I'm compensating for the lack of sunlight with vitamin C instead.

The Crafts House said...

you transported me back to being young and NEVER eating the 'baby'orange!!!

andsewtosleep said...

Hi Kim
Anne Tyler is my favourite author. I started with 'Breathing
Lessons' and found myself hooked. I just seem to relate to the been there, done that, worn the tee shirt lives of her characters. Must be my age ha ha.
Have a good weekend

Louise said...

You paint such a lovely cosy domestic scene and I'm just dying to get an Ann Tyler book, an orange and some chocolate right now!

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Hi Kim, I think a lot of us are feeling a bit lethargic at the moment, I'm so tired by the time I sit down in the evening I keep falling asleep in the middle of my favourite programmes!
Navel oranges are my favourite citrus fruit too, they're so juicy, I bought some huge ones yesterday. They don't last long in this house but that's a good thing, all that Vitamin C.
I've read The amateur marrige by Anne Tyler and remember enjoying it, I must look out for more by her. Your recommendation of Capture the Castle started a little flurry of interest, did you realise? I've seen lots of people mention it on their blogs. You're the Richard and Judy of Blogland (without Richard). Have a good weekend, treat yourself to a sweater or two (or more if you go to Primark!)

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Kim
I first picked up 'I Capture the Castle' many years ago when I was a young teenager from our local village library. I never finished it but kept getting it out of the library as something drew me to it each time.
Finally the film came out and I loved it! It stopped me reading the book but the characters in the film are just as I imagined them to be... a wonderful story.
Dodie Smith was a wonderful writer.. I had the lovely editions of 101 Dalmations and A twilight Barking.
P.s How do you produce such perfect photos... lessons please as well as rag rugging!

dottycookie said...

I love oranges for about 3 weeks every year, then I can't bear them - once they go the slightest bit dry I find the texture impossible to cope with. I'm the same with tomatoes that have thick skins - ugh!

I have to admit I've never read I Capture the Castle, though I keep meaning to. Must look for it in the library.

mollycupcakes said...

Sounds like heaven, chocolates, oranges, hot drink and cosy edierdowns.
And a good book.
God this dull weather really needs to move on now, I just can't stand it anymore argh! Just a little sun shine please!

Catherine x

meggie said...

What lovely images you conjure up.
We always got an orange in our Christmas stocking.. not really sure why.

caroleldridge said...

winter is always so long..the urge to get out and walk when it is cold and grey just to get out of the need a fabulous new sweater and scarf to wear out and feel better. I bundle up and take a walk over to the beach, even when it is cold it is so exhilarating to be at the ocean.

take care,

Sandra Evertson said...

Lovely blog and Love the cute little stuffed animals below!
Sandra Evertson

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Kim
Me again..
Have you read any of Maggie O'Farrell books?
I love her style of writing and reading her novel
'After You'd Gone' I had a hunger to read more and more of her work..
Do read if you can... she writes beautifully and poetically..


French Knots said...

I enjoy Anne Tyler too, in fact I've just finished ' A Wedding in December' - have you read it? If not I'm happy to send it to you.
More wet, grey days this weekend...roll on spring!

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Kim, have you been to Laura Ashley lately, they have a 50% off sale again (or maybe it's the same one as before Christmas, I haven't been yet). Just thinking they might have those tea towels reduced, or other lovely red and white things. They might even have some warm woolly jumpers. I'm going to pop in there next week to check it out.
Lucy x

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh I can feel your sentiment here! LOL about the PJ's under your jumper! Sounds like something I'd wear! But, you have the right idea with nesting down under layers of blankies - kind of reminds me of the story The Princess And The Pea. Spring will be here...sooner than we think. YEH!
PS: I just got a hankering for a cup of cocoa!!!!

Rhondi said...

I am always looking for a new author so I will try Ann Tyler. Thanks for the recommendation. Rhondi

Thimbleanna said...

Gosh Kim -- it sounds like heaven...a warm fire, oranges, chocolate and a great book. I've only read Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant by Anne Tyler -- the others are on my list! And it's funny that you mentioned your favorite book -- I was just looking through some old notes I made last spring and I have a note with that book and that you recommended it! ;-)

Jane said...

I don't reread books much but make an exception for Anne Tyler (and Barbara Trapido) which are always on my bedside for long evenings when a bit of quirky loving humanity is needed.

There is abowl of oranges on the table too,