Thursday, 31 January 2008

Better late than never

First of all thank you for all the very many lovely comments on my last post about Iris. I knew it would strike a chord with lots of you and that it would move you in a way that it moved me. Just this morning I was looking through the album and found a little handwritten inscription "To Iris Rutland, a present for a good child". I'm glad that I was able to share her paintings and glimpses of her life with you.

Anyway the photo above is a photo of a tea cosy that I finished yesterday for M's mum. Exactly to her specifications, pale blue with white roses and a little bit of lace trim. Finding the white roses took a while. matching up some blue fabric took a little bit longer, I had the lace and the ribbon already so I'm not quite sure why it took me three years to make! Yes I think it was three Christmas' ago that she asked for one, isn't that awful. Particularly when I've made so many in between. In my defence (a very weak defence I have to admit), sometimes I thought she was just being polite when M showed her what I'd been up to. The moment would pass, I would agree to make her one as a pressie for next time we met and then, well, I'm not sure what happened then. All done now and waiting for its new home.

I have also listed a whole bundle of cosies (what would you call a group of cosies I wonder) in my Etsy shop so if anybody wants a nice warm cuppa they're over there. Don't worry they're already completed and even allowing for the postal service these won't take three years to reach you.

I hope you're all able to keep warm today, this weather is yuk. I can't tell you how many cups of tea I've drunk today and am spending an inordinate amount of time just shuffling around. One piece of sunny news this morning came unexpectedly from somebody selling my hearts. She wanted some hi-res (that sounds impressive doesn't it, as if I know what I'm talking about, well I don't and had to ring M at work to talk me through the pressing of buttons on the computer to get to the hi-res stage)
photos for an Australian magazine who want to feature my hearts! That brought a smile to my face. There are some red hearts in Etsy now as well as I've decided to list a few there as well.
Hope you all keep warm and dry - last day of January yippee.

PS M has just suggested a "huddle" of cosies.


Samantha said...

All lovely lovely!

Well done on your inclusion in the Australian magazine!


Katherines Dream said...

Well it was worth the is really gorgeous and the colours beautiful.
How do you make them? I have watched it done and it looks easy, it is just getting started.
The weather is yuk....I could easily snuggle back into my bed and sleep, I am so tired - must be the lack of sun.
Have a lovely cosy afternoon.
Carol xx

Tracy said...

Sooo lovely...every item is gorgeous, Kim! Off to take an extra peek at your shop. Happy Day ((HUGS))

She'sSewPretty said...

The huddle a cosies is beautiful but I really love that blue and white one. I am hoping we get some sunshine today. I need to huddle under a cosie. LOL

driftwood said...

all those lucky tea pots all snug and warm!

the hearts are gorgeous, and the magazine is fantastic news!

Raindrops said...

All of them are lovely but I do like the one with roses on. Three years or not I am sure she will think it was worth the wait. Great news on the magazine.

Jackie M said...

That's brilliant Kim, congratulations on your magazine news. Your work deserves to be featured, it's all lovely. Jackie Mx

French Knots said...

How exciting to be in a magazine! Love the tea cosies, fab colours, so scrumptious.

Vanessa said...

Well done for the publicity out in Aus!

The love hearts are fab! If only my husband was that romantic and on the ball to take a big hint, like buy me one of these!

buttercup & roses said...

Im sure she'll think it was worth the wait...
Congrats for getting in the magazine, you must be so pleased!

Oh, by the way, you had better pop over to my blog because you ***WON THE GIVEAWAY***

Well done hun, your having a pretty good day!!

Jennifer xx

andsewtosleep said...

Hi Kim
great news - yor talent deserves to be rewarded. Well done
Mary x

mollycupcakes said...

Just loving all the cosies, makes me wish I had a teatpot for one.
Gorgeous red heart.


Catherine x

Heidi said...

I hope your MIL just loves her rosey new tea cozy! I am sure she will.

It is very stormy here today too and I have spent much of the afternoon and evening sitting beside the warmth of the woodstove stitching on one of my samplers. I am now off to take a bobbin lace project down to my stand so I can start working on it again. It has been sitting untouched for far too long now. One nice thing about days like this is that doing our hobbies is all the more cozy.

Hugs ~

Greentwinsmummy said...

Hullo :o)
Have you seen the film Amelie?she finds a box of boys *treasure* & tries to find him to return it,wouldnt it be marvelous if you could find out what happened to Iris?maybe she is still alive?or has a relative
x x x x

Kari & Kijsa said...

Adorable tea cosies!!! Beautiful!!

kari & kijsa

carol eldridge said...

I love your tea cozy' Nana was from London and I grew up having tea every afternoon with her and I still love it. Have been to England many times and love the tea tradition. Please stop by and say hello. I may need to buy one of your tea cozy's as they look so snuggy!


Janette said...

hi,, congrats on the magazine news. I loved your iris post. It's a bizarre feeling to think that something you create now could have such an impact nearly 100 years later could you??? somehow makes me feel really humble.

Also, fantastic news on winning the prize on buttercups and roses - how lucky. in the meantime I'll enjoy my own prize by being in Poland this weekend.

Take care


Thimbleanna said...

Well, you call them a Covey of Cozies, of course! I sure wish I were a tea drinker or had a tea pot -- they're all so pretty. Love your valentine hearts too -- congratulations on the Australian Magazine feature!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Well done Kim for many reasons..
Your success at completing this cosy ... your success at being featured in a glossy magazine...your success at winning Buttercups and Roses giveaway.. and your success at being a very accomplished and talented person!

Have a successful day!!

P.s How about a Comfort of cosies...

Suzie Sews said...

Adorable, as ever.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Oh this latest blue and posies tea cosy I think is my favorite so far! Beautiful job, Kim! Hope you get that snow today I've been hearing of! =)

cd&m said...

A huddle of cosies sounds good, it sounds, well so darn cosy! Hot tea and snuggling in front of the fire really are order of the day here too, it's sooo cold.
Congrats on the Aussie mag, that really is wonderful news.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tea cosy for you m-i-l! Congratulations on your work being featured in a magazine ... that' is wonderful news! ~ hugs, Lynda xo

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Kim,
Well done on completing the gorgeous blue cosy - If it were mine I would certainly say it was well worth the wait! Maybe they should be a new addition to your lovely etsy shop?

And many congratulations on the magazine feature - you and your fabulous creations deserve it! (I am always astonished to see how many cosies and hearts you manage to create - how do you do it?!)

Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x

K said...

I think I'm going to suggest a coorie of cosies, just for the alliteration. (It's a Scots word - to coorie down = to snuggle or huddle down.)

I loved the post about Iris's book, too. I'd be tempted to search for her name on the National Archives' online resources to see if she comes up...

weirdbunny said...

Three years, and I thought I was bad on completeing projects !!!!

meggie said...

Congratulations on getting into an Australian Magazine. You certainly deserve to be recognized, you work is beautiful.

We have had lovely rain...but it does make it all sooo steamy!

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Congrats on the Australian magazine feature, well done Kim. I love the blue cosy, well worth the wait I'd say. Having been a teabag in a mug sort of family for many years, I'm very tempted to splash out on a teapot so we can have a tea-cosy too!

Isobel said...

The blue tea-cosy is just so sweet!!
Congratulations on your inclusion in the Magazine. :)
Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being added to the magazine how exciting! Your cozies are so sweet!
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Cathy said...

Gorgeous tea cosy - well worth the wait!! The colours you use are so bright and cheerful - very Spring-like!
Cathy XX

Wild Rose said...

A huddle of cosies ~ I like that.

Marie x

Louise said...

Lovely cosy and now I am dying to know which magazine!??! Well done!

Naturegirl said...

So lovely all of them and the heart is so sweet!

kathyann said...

Congratulations on getting into the magazine well done,I'm so pleased for you! I love the tea cosies,such gorgeous colours!love from Kathyann and the girls

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Kim, what lovely things - they look like they must take absolutely ages to do. Congratulations on your magazine appearance, and your win!
best wishes,
Lucy x

Isabelle said...

Loved the story about Iris. I wonder how the book got there...? Sad, really. But I'm glad you're looking after it.