Thursday 31 December 2009

The Day Before...

May the next 365 days be as pink and rosy as the flowers in the photo! Wishing you all a very Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Fun Filled New Year - see you on the other side xxx

Thursday 24 December 2009

Twelve Days...

Magical festive fairies

Hand made cranberry hearts - gifts from a friend

Golden glittery moments

Snow covered trees

Roses on holly

Feathered friends hiding amongst the holly

Carols & baubles

Rosy robins

Cheeky chaps

Christmas Greetings

Childhood decorations

Heartfelt Christmas wishes - Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas with a sprinkling of magic each day


Monday 21 December 2009

Wednesday 9 December 2009

Pots of Gold

Ssssh, I've heard a rumour, it was on the radio so it must be true... the rain is going to stop and we might have a dry weekend! How lovely would that be. I might even be able to take some photos of things I want to share with you, hooray! Without the bursts of sunshine that we had a couple of weeks ago there haven't even been many rainbows to follow ... but I have found some pots of gold:

The little robin that comes to visit our garden every day, perching on a garden chair and smiling at me. Sitting there proudly, perfectly still until I reach for my camera and then whoosh, he's away...

The bluetits that spend their days dancing in the trees hunting for nuts and berries. Their beautiful feathers brightening the bare branches.

The four cats that were sitting high up in the ash tree, the two squirrels dashing up and down the apple tree and the five bluetits in the fig tree all playing in the garden whilst my two cats were fast asleep underneath the eiderdowns...

Going as a family to see Kate Rusby in concert last week. Her beautiful voice moving me to tears, the sight of her gorgeous baby being brought on to stage, singing Christmas songs, bumping into Liz and thanking her for the wonderful woolly socks she made me (again no photos, Mr Sunshine, please take note!). Savouring the rare and delicious moments of spending an evening all together.

Big Sister having a bunch of flowers delivered to her in an art lesson. Life is sweet indeed when you have friends who care enough to notice that you are not as cheery as you should be and take the time to leave flowers for you at school reception and ask for them to be delivered to you in class!

Proud mummy moments when you see your youngest daughter singing in a mass choir in the centre of town and your eldest daughter jumping for joy when she achieves the exam marks she so deserved ... and Mr Roses coming up trumps again when he manages to get those two minxes, Milly and Dottie, to keep still long enough, to put their party hats on.

Pots of gold indeed...