Monday 27 April 2009

A million reasons to smile ...

There must be at least a million here - beautifully blue and enchanting

A walk in the aptly named bluebell woods of "Heaven Farm.

"Can you smell Bluebells?"
"I can smell heaven."
(I Capture the Castle, the film

The sound of the bluebell railway in the distance as we walk through the woods

The enchantment of a magical place

Sitting in a dandelion covered field eating our picnic

Playing frisbee in the sun

Making Spring yellow floral garlands and holding them against the bluest of blue skies

Seeing my daughter, happy and worry free...

That's worth more than a million of anything.

Tuesday 21 April 2009

Enchanted April - Part 2

I seem to have taken an unconscious blogging break. It could be the Easter Holidays or the mountain of sewing that might serve as an excuse. Deep down I know it is because the happy words have been hard to find these past few weeks. There are many things I could be writing about and would not wish to spoil them by a lack of enthusiasm or tinge of sadness so I shall say that hopefully in a few days normal service will be resumed...

I've just been sitting out in the garden with my cup of tea (where would we be without our cups of tea) and thinking just what a wonderful month April is. Sitting outside you really get a sense of just how enchanted it can be. A month of feverish growth, overnight surprises:

Morning greetings from the first poppies

My lovely wild celandines have forget-me-nots as new friends

The wild garlic sits happily behind the geranium nodding its head

And up in the apple tree a bluetit plays amongst the blossom, completely unaware of its beauty against the Spring blue sky.

On Saturday a parcel arrived for me. A complete surprise, one that had me guessing. A box full of sunshine and kindness from somebody who reads my blog. She does not have a blog of her own (although I keep trying to persuade her) and has read mine since I started. She has bought many things from my Etsy shop and we have shared many enjoyable emails and much news together. She is a very busy lady in the middle of a house move and yet, after emailing me last week, she sensed that things were not all rosy and sent me this. Yes of course I cried when I opened it!!!!!!! Thank you Jackie.

Thank you too to everyone that leaves a comment, sends an email and writes a post, for all the happy (and sad) words we share.

So, yes, now is the time to go and find those happy words .... I'll be back soon.

Tuesday 14 April 2009

Roses In Wonderland ...

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. We had a lovely time despite the weather. From the minute Mr Roses stopped worked on Wednesday evening until yesterday afternoon, the sun disappeared and went to shine elsewhere and we almost gave up hope of spending any time outdoors at all. However, we crammed in as much as possible in between all the chocolate eating and, well, I was going to show you what we got up to in chronological order and save the best till last, but hey ho, how could I hide these spring-filled photos from you for any longer. We'll come back to grey skies on another day.

So yesterday we decided to go out whatever the weather. In search of blue skies, open spaces and flowers...

Having driven all the way over to Batemans (more on that another post) it felt silly not to take advantage of being only half an hour away from here:

One of my favourite places to visit. The last time we visited Sissinghurst was a few years ago at the end of summer. The garden was beautiful and the place worked its magic ....

This time I must admit to worrying that I would be disappointed at seeing the place again so early in Spring. Having watched the TV series, read the book, worn the T shirt etc I kept my fingers crossed.

Well I was not disappointed. I felt like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, discovering a true Spring wonderland that left me grinning like the cheshire cat for the rest of the day.

Once again we climbed the Tower, taking in Vita's study (what a wonderful, wonderful room) and gazed across the gardens and surrounding land in amazement.

Seen from above,

the gardens were just unbelievably tempting.

Each with its own individual character.

Close up,

in detail they were stunning.

The beauty of the brickwork allowed to shine alongside the climbing plants.

Carpets of flowers


of bulbs

Beauty on a large scale

The famous white garden beginning to bloom

Lovely to read and see that new projects are moving ahead at Sissinghurst too

and we're so looking forward to returning in a couple of months to see the developments.

How could you fail not to be moved and optimistic after seeing all this?

My garden seemed unnaturally small when we came home and the 100 bulbs I planted the other week seemed very few in number but I didn't feel dejected.

The joy that Vita Sackville West and Harold Nicolson shared in their garden is hugely infectious and whilst I know I will never achieve a lot of what I saw, my head is brimming full of colour schemes and planting ideas - just need a white rabbit to take me back there a bit more often.

Thursday 9 April 2009

Happy Easter

Just hopped over to wish you all a really Happy Easter weekend. Keep an eye out for that bunny, I'm sure he's on his way ...

Sunday 5 April 2009

The day the world went technicolour

Last week our computer died. Is there a technical term for it I wonder? This just about sums up my technical knowledge, in fact a certain custard cream eating friend and I have shared many a similar conversation when our computers have been having tantrums ... and many a biscuit has been passed through the ether via our computers (this might account for our computer's sudden demise, a blockage of biscuit crumb resulting in complete malfunction I wonder?).

And, no of course not, not all of my files were backed up and yes, of course, it happened when we were least expecting it to, halfway through a major transplant operation - Mr Roses was transferring information from the old computer to the new one that has been given to us...

The result? Well as usual a complete panic from me. How did we exist before computers ... isn't it just so silly/frustrating/annoying to become so dependent on a machine? One positive side effect was that the house hasn't looked so clean in ages. Unable to retrieve images for my work from the computer, I switched off the sewing machine, switched on the hoover and got to work.

An enforced spring cleaning with lovely results. The bathroom gleamed. I did find myself at one point precariously balanced on one foot on these steps whilst trying to retrieve some old glass bottles on the tall shelf that were in dire need of some TLC. The floorboards were scrubbed, the paintwork washed and a cupboard repainted. The sun shone and I was pleased with myself, not as pleased as I would have been if I could then go downstairs to have a quick catch up on the computer...

Three days later, with our home visibly shaken by my cleaning assault, our new computer came home. At midnight on Thursday Mr Roses was finally able to reconnect me with the outside world and wow was it bright out there!!! Up until now our old computer screen had been the equivalent of sitting on a beach reading a favourite book, the sun behind the clouds so it was decidedly overcast and with a smear of suntan lotion on your reading glass lenses - not the best view in the world. Photos were dull, dull, dull. Then suddenly with one flick of a switch, our new computer transforms us to very sunny climes, a much brighter place without a trace of greasy suntan lotion in sight. I can't tell you how bright and colourful everything now seems and I'm not just talking about my bathroom shelves ...