Monday 31 January 2011

A Spot of Daydreaming - January's Good Things

It took a couple of weeks but I finally managed to turn the cold, grey days of January to my advantage. Instead of sitting and staring at the steamy windowpanes and wishing and wishing for some sunshine and fresh air, I succumbed to a little daydreaming...
We bought this poster from a junk shop last year on the Isle of Wight. An auction poster for the contents of an hotel (incidentally just found via Google that the hotel remains). It's easy to be swallowed up by those words, how I would have loved to have been at the auction. What would I have bought? One of the 17 black and brass bedsteads - maybe. Definitely if the bed came with the bedding - I bet there was some wonderful lace linen and the odd eiderdown or two on offer...
Probably indulged in a marble washstand or two and wouldn't have said no to some of the garden chairs either.

But what I know for certain I wouldn't have been able to resist is "The Bathing Tent". If I'm going to be daydreaming about living in an Edwardian seaside hotel I would just HAVE to have the bathing tent. Visions of Queen Victoria in "Mrs Brown" emerging majestically in her swimming garb from her bathing machine have filled my thoughts this past weekend. I'll have to settle for a bathing tent rather than a bathing machine, but would make sure mine was striped, candy striped or if the Edwardians didn't run to that, then definitely billiard green and clotted cream in colour.

And then this weekend as the temperatures dipped, I gave in to it, Totally gave in to doing nothing. Washing, ironing and cooking either completed or ignored, I took refuge under a pile of blankets and eiderdowns and filled my head with thoughts of 1930s country homes and stately piles, sensible tweed skirts and permanent waves, debutante balls and love's young dream. My eldest daughter, who had miraculously done her homework, gave in to it too and she sat on the opposite sofa her head full of Scott Fitzgerald, glamorous dresses, cocktails and chandeliers... I remembered how my mother use to call me "Dolly Daydream" and for the first time I understood why, but then if you can't indulge in January, when can you?

Thursday 20 January 2011

Just Behind The Marmite...Still More Good Things In January

I'm still on my quest to look for the good in January and with the arrival of some very much needed and unexpected sunshine this week, I haven't been disappointed.

What a relief to have some daylight, proper unadulterated daylight, two or three days of clear blue skies, longer days and the hint of birdsong. Am I deceiving myself by thinking that the birds are definitely getting chirpier these days? I'm trying to keep things in perspective here and not assuming that Spring has sprung or anything like that but when the indoor flowers start to bloom and their fragrance fills the rooms, it does make my heart skip a beat or two.
Sunshiney yellows can never fail to make you feel just a tad more optimistic.

If you're going to have the blues, best make them the hyacinth blues variety, mix them up with a few books about the great outdoors, some odds and sods from the sewing basket and yes, you can see, I'm getting excited...

But best of all, this morning, when putting away the breakfast things, behind the jar of marmite, in the corner of the cupboard where no hand ever reaches, I notice something -

- a packet of my favourite biscuits that Mr Roses bought me a while ago, forgotten in the chocolate frenzy of the past few weeks. So I'm sitting here with my morning cuppa, with each sip revealing more of the lovely little blue Swallow painted inside, savouring every mouthful of sweet aniseedy biscuit naughtiness, turning a blind eye to all the housework, washing and sewing that I know is ganging up behind me, and just savouring the moment. Marmite, you either love it or hate it

Friday 14 January 2011

Roses Grow On You (More Good Things in January)

Happy Birthday darling Mr Roses! Hope you have a wonderful day and are able to find some fun and sunshine!
Love you

Monday 10 January 2011

Good Things In January...

I have to hold my hand up high and say out loud "bleugh" to January. After the excitement of New Year's Eve, the promise of a New Year, the last few days of the holidays and resolutions already on the wane... it is the dark, dark mornings and dark, dark evenings that seem to be taking centre stage.

However, when days like yesterday come along, when the skies are blue, the air as fresh as fresh can be, the grass green with a dusting of frost and you are able to go out into the beautiful countryside with your family, there's not really that much to complain about.
Perhaps the fun is in the searching - whilst January's treasures might not be as apparent or as flamboyant as other months - once discovered they are to be savoured all the more for finding them.

So for the next few days, when I am in my car and the low, low sun makes driving something of an extreme sport, I shall try and remember how beautiful it was to stand in a field and feel that very sun on my face, listen to a robin sing and know that there would be quite a few more bunnies in the field in the next few weeks...
Well I'm gonna give it a go anyway...

Thursday 6 January 2011

One Week...

Seven days...

A New Year...

And a whole lot of this in between.

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry this is a bit late, it has taken me a while to emerge from my wintry coccoon. We had a wonderful Christmas, lazy, long days enjoying each other's company, just as it should be. The house seems very quiet at the moment, not that deliciously muffled silence that blankets you on a snowy, wintry walk but the stillness of rooms that just a few days ago were filled with laughter and chocolate wrappers.
Hope you're all embracing the excitement of January (tongue slightly in cheek here) and, like me, are enjoying having absolute control of the chocolate box!

PS For any of you who might be in envy of me and the old chocolate box, just like to say that I too am left with only the dreaded soft centres for company!