Monday, 14 May 2007

Singing in the rain

We had a weekend planned that was full of little trips .... and then it rained, and rained, and rained! It was to be a weekend where we all had something to look forward to (no mean feat in itself) and then it rained! However, not to be put off, we carried on.
I watched this poppy open on Saturday morning through the kitchen window. As the rain poured down it felt the warmth of a very hidden sun and decided to go for it! Within half an hour it was in full bloom and has survived a weekend of wind and heavy rain. Not to be outdone by a flower, I went ahead with my morning visit to the annual plant sale held during the Festival by a local gardening association and as usual, was glad I did. Bags of beautiful, healthy and CHEAP plants for my garden. Came home to find the poppy still blooming but decided it was too wet for me to garden. Round one to the poppy!

My oldest was singing on the beach with her school. so no excuse possible for this one! Very glad we went too, it was great - something so wonderful about children (sorry, young adults) making music - beautiful. I also had time to pop into one of the Open Houses to see some of Tracy's beautiful work from Cupcakes on display. It was well worth the visit - she is very talented. She also sells her things online, so go and take a peek! Came home freezing, fingers blue and still the poppy bloomed.

Artichokes for supper - I'd seen them the day before in the market and asked them to put them by for us. First artichokes of the year!!! If only my youngest would eat every vegetable with such relish - I have never seen her demolish a meal so quickly.
A pile of homework finished on Sunday morning accompanied by varying wails of dismay and despair. But, oh the happiness when it was all over. And outside it was still raining but the darned poppy was still blooming ... . Somehow we managed to convince the girls (again) how much they always enjoy visiting the Open Houses, once they got there, and that wet hair could always be dried and that yes we could buy cakes along they way. One of the houses we visited was showing some of Emma's lovely work. I had promised to meet up with Emma and I'm very glad I did as Emma is a lovely lady and her work is beautiful too, She has produced a collection of really pretty, delicate and colourful textiles. I'm sure she's going to be doing very well during the Festival.
Another meal cooked by my husband and I even managed to finish this bag and matching rag pompom. Not a bad weekend all things considered. Yes it did rain, but most of the time it didn't matter. Never thought poppies would be teaching me lessons!


Samantha said...

Oh my word - the handbag is lovely and that pompom. The cutest things!

AC said...

Sounds like a great weekend dispite the rain!
Glad to see you have but your bags in your shop...they are GORGEOUS.
Take care,
Alison x.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim
It was great too, to meet you and your very beautiful daughters! Despite the weather it was a good weekend, thankyou for your lovely write up - you have a way with words! Just wish the weather would brighten up. I have never had (and ashamed to say) a real artichoke - I have only had the pickled variety. Whats the best way to eat them fresh?

Anonymous said...

Yes, tell us all how to deal with an artichoke. Love the bag and pompom.

Tracy x said...

Thank you for visiting my work - it is more than i have done!!!
We love artichokes be they fresh or in jars served with pasta - yummy x
Have a great week - the weather forecast is not looking great so more craft making and packing for me!
Tracy x

Anonymous said...

wow what a wonderful and busy weekend you had - yay to the poppy for inspiring you to carry on regardless!

Candytuft Corner said...

Hi Kim

I am glad to hear that you managed to enjoy your weekend even though it rained. It must have been great to have an opportunity to meet up with Emma.

I have never cooked an artichoke and have no idea what to do with them, so would be interested to know!

Marie x

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Such a cute bag! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend despite the weather...and I do not like artichokes whatsoever! LOL


FourSistersInACottage said...

I have never seen one like that....guess I am headed over to your etsy place to check it out...hope I'm not to late.
Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

FourSistersInACottage said...

WAAAA....I'm too late.....will you be making another one soon Kim???
Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

kate said...

I love your new bag and pompom. The colours are so bright and cheery.It sounds as if your weather isn't cooperating and allowing you much gardening time. It sounds as if you had a most successful time at the plant sale ... oh, and the artichoke looks so delectable. Kids are so funny about eating veggies. I haven't tried serving artichokes to my son - perhaps that is something to do this year!

Thank you for your comments on my blog. They are much appreciated.

meggie said...

That poppy is quite spectacular! Lovely photo you took.
And the bag & pompom are just lovely too!

Heidi said...

You had a wonderful weekend by the sounds of it! I am very grateful for this rain as it was so very dry lately. I find rainy days increase my creativity even more. The bag and pompom turned out beautifully and the time spent with others shows you that even in the rain, things can be in full bloom.

Cornflower said...

I love rain! Mad, I know, but I'll go out specifically when it's raining.
Your weekend sounded very good despite the 'inclement' weather.

julia said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and what a gorgeous blog yours is! The colours are a real feast for the eyes and the things you make look amazing.
I'm in total agreement with the artichokes, only thing is I can't be bothered to prepare them most of the time so I cheat and buy jars. My 2 yr old loves them but try giving one to my six yr old and you get the classic "are you trying to poison me?" look!
I will be a regular visitor I can promise.

Julia x

Cape Cod Washashore said...

A VERY BEAUTIFUL bag you've made! And that poppy is gorgeous! Singing on the beach??? How DELIGHTFUL! What fun to meet up with other bloggers, too!

GigerVamp said...

I was wondering how to prepare and cook artichokes too. They look a tad complicated!
Love the bag, it's very pretty.

Unknown said...

Yay for the poppy :))
Love that pompom!

Berber said...

Sorry that was me ;))

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

That bag is so fab! I want one, real cool.
Suzie Sews

Anonymous said...

Hi - I tagged you for "7 Random Things" - have fun!

Lovely photos on your blog today..

Betty said...

I wish you would send a little rain this way. We're already toasting here in California. I can't keep the grass green for nothing! I love, love that bag. You do wonderful work!

andsewtosleep said...

Clearly you breed a more hardy Poppy than we do in Devon. The petals on mine fell off after a few hours. Mary
PS Your weekend sounds perfect despite the rain.

Anonymous said...

"Bags of beautiful, healthy and CHEAP plants ..." Now that sounds like a perfect day! I hope it dries up soon so you can plant them. I love the purse and the pompom! Do you know I've never eaten an artichoke? I have no idea what they taste like! ♥

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FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a fun bag...and it sold in a heartbeat I read!

Sounds like you had a delightful weekend, dispite the weather. And Artichokes for dinner, how bad can that be??

Hope the sun comes back soon!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

That is an amazing bag!

Victoria May Plum said...

Wow, great bag! It sounds like you had a wonderful time despite the rain.
How do you cook an artichoke?
Victoria x

Boxwood Cottage said...

Oh I just love your pink and aqua garden picture! Hopefully the rain on the island will finally stop now *fingers crossed for you* and we'll get to see more pictures of your garden and your freshly bought and planted flowers soon! Carol xox