Thursday 28 February 2008

Spring Greens

Have you noticed the change of colours in the shops? I've just got back from a quick trip into town and the shops are full of the most gorgeous coloured clothes in greens and yellows. A really good combination I think.

I've always loved green and thankfully it's a colour that suits me, the yellow I'm not too sure about and I'll be leaving that for Big Sister, who's been dropping a lot of hints recently about yellow shoes. These two colours sum up spring so well, even on a grey drizzly morning like today when I had nothing nicer than a set of revision Maths books to buy for my daughter (the poor thing, I really feel for her) you can't fail to be cheered when you walk round and see the new spring clothes in the shops.

The primroses are beginning to appear in the garden too. So many shades of green, fresh and vibrant around out there.
In my sewing box I seem to have at least ten spools of green thread. I don't know why I'm just drawn to the colours, whenever I see an old spool of cotton at the car boot I pounce on it.

This green is perhaps my current favourite, as much for it's name as for it's colour - "Dark lovebird", gorgeous! I'd love to know who has the wonderful job of coming up with these names. I'm going to go through my sewing box and take photos of my favourite names some time.

Earlier on in the week I managed to do a little crafting. Drawn again to these two colours, I made up a little Easter bundle for my Etsy shop. A trio of lavender sachets in green and yellow complete with a vintage Easter Card and floral postcard.

I also dipped into my little collection of china brooches that I wrote about recently and added the little floral lapel pin, which is attached to a gift tag. It is a little burst of spring freshness even when the sun isn't shining.


Curlew Country said...

What a really pretty post! I absolutely love green too and have been swanning about in my Greengate apron all week! I'm on the hunt for vintage cotton spools too but no nice greens for me yet -mainly black. Useful but not quite so lovely to look at!
Have a smashing weekend.

Garden Girl said...

Hmm, I also love green...your pictures make me want to go outside and take in a lungful of fresh air! (unfortunately my office backs onto tesco carpark so don't think the air will contain the scent of spring flowers that I'm longing for...) Your lavender pillows are so beautiful, I get a real thrill from mine every time I look at them (and sniff them!)Enjoy your weekend-and good luck with the yellow shoes!xx

tess said...

love the colours! and what a fantastic name for the thread!

Anonymous said...

How refreshing - I adore the yellowish fabric with the small white print. Very primrose like! See you tomorrow

Just Original said...

I have just been stood ironing for an hour, I noticed that I had 4 tops all in green, so I would say green is my favourite colour at the moment! I took a trip to the local garden centre today and they had a display of all things yellow & green in there craft shop it was very eastery!

Sal said...

I love the fresh!And the jug is gorgeous too!Sal;-)

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Kim, what lovely pics, I find it hard to see how anyone could not like green, it's one colour I never tire of. Funnily enough I bought some green and yellow things today - but that's for another time!
Lucy x

blessings said...

Beautiful colors. I'm excited for Spring to get here too. Yellow shoes? Hmmmm... that sounds lovely. Blessings... Polly

cd&m said...

"Dark Lovebird" what a romantic name, love the green. There is something very attractive about wooden spools, the plastic ones just don't do the colours any justice whatsoever.
Lovely gift you have made there Kim, I wouldn't be at all surprised if it doesn't get snapped up for some deserving Mother this Sunday.

mollycupcakes said...

Just gorgeous Kim,
The beautiful greens and yellows are just lovely.
My mum used to collect old vintgae postcards like that I must ask her if she has any left.
Thanks for bringing a piece of Spring into ours lifes.
Catherine x

Heidi said...

Oh so pretty! I am afraid I don't get out much and have no idea what the clothes in the shops look like. I am a sparrow that stays close to home. :)

I found my tete~a~tete's blooming in the garden yesterday so there is my yellow and the buds are coming along, thus my green. I really think there is something special about all the various shades of green in the early spring. Normally we would never put them together and yet Mother Nature does it so beautifully.

Hugs ~

French Knots said...

nothing says Spring like yellow and green!
Lovely photos as always, very pretty necklace.
Lovebirds, whilst having a romantic name, are actually grumpy little birds and can't be kept with other birds as they attack them!

Jennie said...

Those greens are lovely.
Your etsy makes are gorgeous too!

Anonymous said...

Green is my favourite colour, and I love the combination of green and yellow...most certainly reminds me of spring!
A really pretty post!

Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, very pretty post Kim! Can spring really be on it's way??? It's still freezing here LOL!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Great post!
I love green too...almost any shade :)
Your little grouping is so sweet!

Betty said...

What a beautiful post, Kim! I can almost feel the spring breeze just looking at your pictures. It is supposed to be 73° here today and I am dying to get outside and breathe!

Clare and Mike said...

Hi Kim, yes I love yellow and green too - I particularly love the yellowy green s and 'mucky' greens!

It may be windy and cold here today but Spring is definitely on its way!

Have a lovely weekend!

Clare x

Racheal Miles said...

Oh the colours of this post are lovely, I have noticed greens in the shops lately too. It's such a fresh colour.

Racheal x

No one is you ...& that's your power said...

Yes green is a lovely colour. I know sometimes if i wake up feeling foggy headed(which is quite a bit!), I try and wear something bright to liven me up.
Green always reminds me of my school dinner lady who used to do playground duty !. I used to hold her hand at playtime and she always used to give me one of those sweets,do you remember pacers with the green stripe through them?!. Strange memories i have!
x Dominique

Cape Cod Washashore said...

SPRING! Your post shouts SPRING!!! We're supposed to have snow and rain tomorrow yet again. I did have some primroses from the grocery store, but they've already blossomed twice over and now only the greens are left. I saw your shop and sooo wanted to buy that Easter set. =( No worry, I'm sure I'll find something else from your shop soon. =) I always do! heehee

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

These greens are wonderful and are my favorite colors, too. Love the color combinations for spring...I have seen orange and pinks together, too.
Your handmade items are so sweet, as always,
Have a wonderful weekend,

Louise said...

This is a very pretty post Kim. I love the first photo, green and yellow do really go so well together, I love them and so this season! I can just about get away with wearing green, but yellow no! What a beautiful day it is today, I hope you find a carboot to visit and find lots more green and yellow to show us? x

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous spring colours, Kim! The greens and yellows look so cheerful ... I haven't noticed green in our shops but then I haven't seen much for spring yet either. ~ Lynda xo

dottycookie said...

Green and yellow are really springlike; my sister loves the combination to much that in her first flat she painted the walls daffodil yellow and the paintwork green (well, it was the late 80s!).

Lovely photos.

Cowboys and Custard Mercantile said...

Hello dear Kim
I think your beautiful photographs have converted me to green. I have never been overly fond of the colour but seeing your cotton reel and dear little green necklace who could fail to love that colour. Very fresh and oh so Springy!

With love
Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.

meggie said...

It seems I am late again. I so enjoy your lovely cheery posts, & your lovely gifts.
Arent Primroses so ....Spring!!
I have a lot of old Sylko cottons from my mother, I must take another photo!

ginny said...

Hi Kim,
Green and yellow are such fresh spring colours. Lovely photos.
My little giveaway is right up this theme too. so fingers crossed x