Thursday 7 February 2008

The sum of all parts

I'm not sure how it started, I think it began a few weeks ago when I bought these old brooches at the car boot. They were so pretty and were the perfect antidote to the grey January morning when I found them. They offered the instant promise of what was just a little way ahead, the flowers, colours and smells of early spring.

The next day I gathered together a bundle of fabrics that captured the colours of early spring, the fresh green of the shoots and sprouting bulbs, the yellows of the daffodils and primroses which are just beginning to appear in my garden and the deeper pink of the pansies and violas that are in my window boxes.

Looking through my collection of old postcards I found the perfect picture to sum it all up, it captured the colours exactly and the jug was just delicious. A posy of cowslips and violets in a lovely polka dot green jug.

And then, as if by magic M came home with this bunch of flowers for me! Anemones, tulips and tete a tete narcissi. I wish you could smell them the scent is delicious and the colours perfect. I couldn't believe that the flowers reflected so well what I had been planning.

I've had fun with this and am pleased with the results (I think!). A bunch of ragballs that capture this time of year and the promise of what lies ahead. I've put some on my hall table and made some for etsy.

The ragballs come in a drawstring bag which I've made in a co-ordinating fabric, the vintage postcard and a handmade label with a vintage image of some primroses on one side and "spring" printed on the other.

But that's not all - I couldn't stop there.

I suddenly wanted the blossoms of spring trees, the forget me nots and the soft greens that we'll see in a few weeks time. So I made another batch in soft pinks, greens and pale blues.

Another matching bag, vintage postcard and label. It's great being able to trace a path back to the initial idea and see how the parts all come together and it's provided me with a reminder of all that is lurking just under the surface of my garden and the pleasure we'll hopefully be sharing in a few weeks time - fingers crossed!


French Knots said...

Lovely photos - hold the promise of spring ahead.
I have been collecting those little broohes from jumble sales too, I have a couple of small ones which look nice worn grouped together with a large one in defiance of the grey and miserable days. Roll on spring sunshine!

Garden Girl said...

Hi Kim, beautiful fabrics and postcards- I thought of you when we were on holiday in Cornwall and came across a shop in St Ives that had hundreds of vintage postcards..your posting today has made me remember sunshine (it's out there somewhere!)x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder that spring is just around the corner, Kim! After yesterday's snowfall I really need to focus on spring things. I love the colours you've used especially the last photo with the white daffodils in the pink pitcher ... just gorgeous! ~ hugs, Lynda xo

Victorian Lady said...

So cheerful! :) I especially love the second Madeline has a dress like that! Wishing you lots of spring and sunshine!

Cowboys and Custard Mercantile said...

Hi Kim
You've done it again.... delicious photographs and so so pretty!
Your colours are the perfect antidtoe to a dull day...full of Spring's promise.

Cowboys and Custard Mercantile said...

Should have read antidote... my spelling is getting worse!

Cape Cod Washashore said...

Kim! These are soooo pretty and springlike! And I love that you've made bags for them, too!

Susan Tuttle said...

Spring has come to your house - those brooches are to die for! Your ragballs are so creative and clever!

Thanks for bringing some warmth to my day.


tess said...

they're really beautiful !

Thimbleanna said...

I've always loved your rag balls Kim, and these are just perfect. Such pretty spring colors!

meggie said...

Roll on Spring for you!
I love those balls, the pics of them, & the beautiful flowers.
I like to think about the dry unattractive bulbs, that spring forth with the most glorious blooms!
To me they represent hope for the future.

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Kim, the rag balls are just delicious, I'm amazed at how you find the time to make them all (see my post and you'll know what I'm talking about!) I planted some bulbs in December and I'm getting really impatient now to see them flower.
Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Hi, what pretty fabric balls...they're really springlike. Your post is lovely as it makes me realise that spring is on its way.
Margaret and Noreen

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Oh my these are all so lovely! I am so ready for Spring! You have captured it beautifully!

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Oh my these are all so lovely! I am so ready for Spring! You have captured it beautifully!

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Oh my these are all so lovely! I am so ready for Spring! You have captured it beautifully!

Anonymous said...

i love the recurring flower theme.

periwinkle said...

Love the rag balls--are they easy to make?

Nonnie said...

These are all so pretty and spring like. I've been thinking of spring a lot this week. Must be all the sunshine we've been having. I must admit I'm very tempted by the second set of balls.

Carol said...

Hi Kim,
These are just all so lovely and have put in the spring mood.

Heidi said...

These ragballs are just amazing Kim! They really do capture the essence of spring. Are your forecasts for the weekend as springlike as here? We are supposed to get temperatures of 10C and above and it is very sunny. I am glad it is drying out again.

I am home this weekend instead of going to Cranberry Cottage as we are painting our living room this weekend. What are your plans? Did you get your painting done?

Hugs ~

cd&m said...

Gorgeous fabrics and such pretty cards, you are so right a delightful way to ad a touch of nature and springtime to the home.

Niki Fretwell said...

WOW Kim, you have been a busy bee! I love the colours of your rag balls and the inspiration behind them.
Enjoy your weekend and those lovely spring flowers,
Niki x

Shirl said...

Absolutely beautiful .... :0)

Pam said...

My Granny C had a brooch just like those ones. No idea what happened to it.

Lovely fresh colours in your photos. Spring is on its way... just rather slowly.

YoMJ said...

Love those rag balls. So fresh. So very springish. It is great to see a stream of thought in the form of creative work. Like you could actually touch your thoughts.


Holly Loves Art said...

What a great post! I love your blog and am happy I found it!

Happy joy,

Los Angeles, CA

mollycupcakes said...

Your garden sounds just beautiful Kim I can't wait to see photos of it all in bloom.
Loving the fabric balls, just gorgeous.
Enjoy the weekend.

Catherine x

Gill said...

It's so nice to see some sunshine just in time for half-term, and your post captures the feeling of Spring in the air. Lovely pictures, you've been so busy. I'll be keeping an eye out for those brooches, they look really effective grouped together.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Very beautiful and clever too Kim!