Monday, 12 May 2008

... and breathe out

Hello, hope you all had a great weekend. The weather here in this part of blogland has been just wonderful. It's been a time for being outside, for meeting up with people and having fun. Actually I didn't feel like that at all before the weekend started. I think I'm quite a solitary soul - I love my friends and family of course and nothing is better than spending lazy days with them all. However when the weekend seems full of one arrangement after another I start to feel overwhelmed. How would I fit it all in, wouldn't it be all just too much, it's the weekend, when can we relax etc etc. Well the answer is, just to go with the flow, take a deep breath and enjoy!

On Friday night we were invited to Emma's private view at the Open House she is in during the Festival. We had a great time, drinking wine, looking at everyone's work and, above all, meeting up again with lovely Emma. There was a potentially strange moment when Mr Ragged Roses met Mr Sew Recycled, both of them blogging widows caught up in the maelstrom of blogworld. However, we all talked and talked and talked, it was good, very good. So was Emma's work so very pretty. I bought this little textile print for my bedroom and wished I had more money to spend on her other things too. I love it.

While I'm busy doing a bit of show and tell, here's a lovely collage I got from Louise at Beachys Capecodcupboard. Louise seems to be able to turn her hand at any number of things so successfully and I'm constantly amazed at the amount of lovely work she produces. Thanks Louise I'm very happy with it and I'm sorry it has taken such a long time for me to share a photo of it with everyone!

Back to the weekend - Saturday morning I dashed down to town with my neighbour to the annual plant sale. This always happens during the festival but for some reason was unadvertised this year. Just by chance we stumbled upon it and came home happy and laden with plants, grown by lovely old men in their greenhouses and allotments. I planted some up immediately and like the look of this fennel in this olive tin. I'm hoping that the heat and shininess of the container will deter those pesky snails. Can you see what they've done to my artichoke? (I read yesterday that Nigel Slater planted some surrounded by coffee grounds, might give that a go).
I spent the afternoon taking little Sister into town with her friend to see her favourite author who gave one of the funniest talks I've been too in a long time. I really admire adults who never lose the child inside them and aren't afraid to show it either. Little Sister is even more inspired to be a writer now when she grows up!
A barbecue in the evening, a garden full of girls shrieking and somewhere in the house a cat, blithely unaware of what was going on.

On Sunday we had friends down from London. Old friends, good friends, friends who we rarely see but instantly feel comfortable around. It's like rereading a favourite book with some people isn't it, you know you're going to enjoy yourself! These two friends were so kind to me when my mother died, looking after my newly born baby and coming down to visit with food parcels to make sure we were looking after ourselves. Their kindness and generosity is something I will never forget. Sometimes it doesn't matter how often you meet up with people, or even if you ever do (as in the case of our blogging friends), sometimes it's just the acts of kindness, words of support that stay with you.
So a busy weekend, a weekend full of plans, a weekend where I learnt to take things as they come and where miraculously the sun decided to shine from start to finish.

And now I'm off to do some sewing.


Simone said...

I don't like making commitments at the weekend but sometimes you have to 'go with the flow' as you did. I am glad that you had a wonderful weekend.

Cowboys and Custard Mercantile said...

I wish I had your voice Kim... You manage to say what I want to say but I never seem to succeed.
I totally understand the weekend hijack feeling..
Our weekend was a similar affair and much as I kicked against the constant flow of chores and visitors.. it was surprisingly enjoyable in a way. Time well spent!
Thank you for giving me a sneak preview into Emma's Open House ... I am really excited now about my impending trip to Brighton..
So much to see .. so little time.
With love

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend.
I know what you mean about feeling overwhelmed when you have lots of people to see and lots of places to be.

Emma Herian said...

Its funny having a Mr Sew Recycled!
I can't believe you didn't noticed Mr Ragged Roses clean look!Thankyou for your lovely little write up, I am expecting hordes through the door next weekend now!
Stop dreaming of our lavander farm, lets just do it, trial run on the allotment! What do you say..... 20th will be fine, its down in the diary!x

ShabbyInTheCity said...

"Blog widow" LOL thats a good one!
I would have loved to hear that author speak myself.

Emma Herian said...

Jam Jam says "Miew miew girls pur purr!"

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Sounds like a mighty eventful weekend. It's good to go with the flow now and again......without being too flexible if you need time to do your own things :o)

Happy sewing!

lola said...

hola desde espaƱa muy bonito tu blog,el mio es decoupage si quieres ven a visitarme gracias

Louise said...

A few coincidences here. Your photo of an allium and my photo of an allium are just the same. They really could be twins! I am just the same as you when it comes to my weekend plans being decided for me, but I always end up really enjoying myself, I think sometimes a little nudge is necessary. I have just finished a post on what maketh a good friend, I agree with what you say about friends too. A plant sale, you don't see many of those around these parts, although I have quite a few specimens potted up, so I could have one. Not sure what the neighbours would say though? x

Elizabethd said...

I too have alliums opening up! I love them. It is so good to see all the new growth now the weather has improved.
I have heard that coffee grounds will deter slugs, wish I'd read it earlier , as they have eaten all my Iris.

Niki Fretwell said...

Hi Kim,
I know what you mean about hectic weekends....and its almost been too hot for blogging too....don't want to miss a moment of those wonderful warm rays!
Sounds like your busy weekend was an enjoyable one though.
I love Louise's collage that you bought, with the stunningly beautiful Gladys on it.


dottycookie said...

It is very special to meet with old friends and seemingly drop right back into converastion as if you had never been apart. I love that. This was such a comforting post Kim - I wish I'd written it!

Gill said...

Hi Kim, no I don't like feeling too organised at the weekend, my week is always so structured and lacking in any spare time. I just want to stay at home on Saturdays and restore order to my home, and of course Sundays are boot sale days until October! I've just caught up with your recent posts, some lovely pictures as always. Enjoy the lovely sunshine, it must be wonderful down there on the coast.
Gill x

Jennie said...

It's been lovely weather here as well, strange considering how wintery it has been. I sometimes feel overwhelmed as well, last weekend L had two sleepovers at our house, and an elderly neighbour asked me to help turn her bed and do some ironing for her just as I was rushing to see a friend who had just come out of hospital, and I felt like I didn't have chance to stop for breath... Maybe there was something in the air making it so hectic for everyone.
Sounds like you had a lovely time though!!!
The collage is so pretty.

carolyn said...

That was a busy weekend. (Our snails, and we have lots and lots don't eat our fennel but the aphids are rather too fond of it.)

Sal said...

What a fab weekend you had!
My golly it's been hot here in Devon! I've spent every spare minute out in the garden.
I think I need a plant sale of my own I have pricked out so many these past few days! Have fun this week! ;-) Sal

Ally Jay said...

I like weekends where something is planned but with space for a bit of laziness. Good to hear you had a good weekend.

julia said...

Sounds like a fab weekend. I know exactly what you mean about feeling hijacked, if our weekends are too booked up in advance I get quite cross! Nice to catch up with old friends though. I'm off now to soak up that gorgeous sun!
Julia x

Tracy said...

Sounds like a truly wonderful weekend...such fun! Those bright pink roses are gorgeous...We've been enjoying delicious and very warm days here in southern Norway too--almost a mini heatwave! Happy Days...and can't wait to see your new sewing ((HUGS))

Cape Cod Washashore said...

Sounds like you had a beautiful weekend - I hear from Niki you are having gorgeous weather!

I am so glad you enjoy the collage and I thank you for your kind compliment! I originally purchased that postcard (along with several others) from Niki's shop, so the card has made its way back home. =)

As for your garden, I wonder if you have the same problem with your snails that we do with our slugs (essentially snails sans shells)! My father used to dig holes in the garden to fit in plastic drinking cups; he'd fill the cups approximately 2/3 full with beer. Apparently the slugs love the beer, and when they go into the cups to have their taste, they cannot get back out. It makes for a rather nasty job of taking care of the yucky slug cups each day, but it does spare your garden! (My family has long been proponents of organic upkeep of our yards and gardens.)

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Louise is such a fantastic artist! I love everything she makes. Enjoy your lovely weather. Can you believe it's snowing here in Northern Arizona! I am worried about my lilacs and roses!

Garden Girl said...

we are also guilty of wanting to be selfish with our weekend time, but always end up enjoying ourselves when we see friends/ family etc. .
Your plan tin is brilliant, and I can confirm that ground coffee seems to do the trick as well, I was thinking of approaching my local Costa for their old ones for the allotment, although suspect they may think I'm a

Carol said...

I know exactly how you feel....I am getting that feeling all too often now. I like to be on my own sometimes. Love the plant tin! I want one now.
I have a coincidence too like Louise....I have a green glass dish full of pearly buttons in my lounge! Snap. They look very pretty, not to be used though!
Carol xx

meggie said...

Another lovely lovely post, Kim.
I do love to read your writing, & see your pretty items.

kathyann said...

Wonderful post Kim,I do know how you feel,I seem to get hijacked all the time and my doctor has told me I have to learn to say no from time to time ,but it is dificult when your heart tells you to just do it,I'm afraid I don't like to let anyone down! Too soft for my own good lol,sounds like you are the same!!!!
Take care,Love from Kathyann and the girls

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Kim, a wonderful weekend, it's funny how when we aren't that keen the outings turn out to be some of the best. Lovely things you've acquired recently too - Emma's open day sounds good, wish I lived a bit closer to Brighton!
Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good if not very busy weekend. I think it's great you have a picture of your first time on the sand
Lisa x

Sea Angels said...

What a wonderful weekend Kim, I don't know how you fit it all in.
Hugs Lynn xx

Anonymous said...

Hi, sounds like a wonderful weekend. I know what you mean though about having to cram too much in and having no time for yourself.
Hope you're having some me time this week.
Margaret and Noreen

Gina said...

Sounds like a lot of fun, happy sewing!

Pondside said...

Lovely photos, and lovely buys and gifts! Everything looks like spring.
After a good dose of visiting with friends I find I need a nice long spell of solitude - I like my own company too!

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

sometimes we could learn a lot from cats. They really know how to relax. I love all your flower photos. Yes, old friends are delightful and you can always just pick up where you left off. And new friends are delightful in totally different ways!