Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Playing Catch Up

It's a bit of a fraught time here at the Roses house. Big Sister is in the middle of her exams, toughest week so far, my father is
poorly and I have been feeling the stress with a capital "S".

Lots of things I'd like to write about but I don't seem to have the energy, so please enjoy the poppies - they've been a long time coming this year and I'm hoping they'll last the week with all this rain about.

Even when things aren't that good they still bring a smile to my face. Just like my daughter, who in the midst of her history revision is making me giggle with her 100 ways to wear a headscarf routine. I'll be back soon I hope. x

PS, there's a new blog post over at Milly and Dottie's , no poppies I'm afraid, but a lot more words! Have a good week.


dottycookie said...

Oh, poor thing - hope she's bearing up OK. At least it was a bit cooler - nothing worse than doing exams when it's scorching outside.


Positively Poppies!
LOVE THEM soo colourful they would bring a smile to my face too and of course Daughters always do, simply the best ;-)
Wishing you a stressfree rest of the week ahead
Julie x

MrsP said...

Hope your dad is on the mend. History- Hmmm! As the mum of a Post grad history student with a fantastic degree and a doctorate who works in a bar... I feel for you.
Lovely poppies though- I do love poppies.
Maybe you could do the 100 ways with aheadscarf as a post??

Scented Sweetpeas said...

:-( sending virtual hugs to you, must be really stressful watching your children revise for stressful exams and then having your Dad ill at the moment too. Take care. x

Poppy said...

Sending you all lots of hugs and kisses!
I hope the exams go well!

Love Lou xxx

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Kim -- those poppies are gorgeous! I hope your week gets better by the weekend -- and that Big Sister does well on her exams!

OhSoVintage said...

Beautiful poppies. I hope there is less stress in your home now - hoping your dad is recovering and eldest daughter is seeing an end to the exams (they seem to go on forever nowadys, don't they!)
Ruth x

Pipany said...

Keep going Kim; it WILL all pass and fun times will return x

the pig lady said...

Such beautiful poppies, they brought a smile to my face too. I hope all your stresses melt away in the sunshine that is promised and that all the exam pressure evaporates! lots of hugs Debs xx

Lisa said...

Such beautiful poppies.
Hope things are less stressful very soon.
Lisa x