Friday, 8 June 2007

Looking out

This is the view from my kitchen window. I had planned to show you where I sit and type these posts but the flash is still not working on the camera, hence the outside shots. I often wonder when I'm reading other blogs where people are sitting and what their surroundings are like as they write their entries, wouldn't it be fun if we could see!

I met up with a friend recently who has been reading my blog and she asked if blogging had made a difference to me. I said yes it had in lots of different ways, one of them being that I tend to notice things around me more. Things that I might have taken for granted at home or in the garden I notice more now. Yes, blogging can be introspective, but conversely for me it also makes me look out more and appreciate things.

Anyway, the view from the kitchen isn't that bad. The kitchen is one of the darkest rooms in our house so it's great to have these poppies bobbing around outside the window. looking like tiny suns and greeting us every morning. The foxgloves are still blooming and beyond the flowers is our apple tree. Previous owners must have had quite a love of fruit, we also have a fig tree and lots of blackberry bushes, all are very established, thankfully!

Up in the tree, not willing to miss any photo opportunity, is one of our cats, posing as usual. Whenever we go outside the cats rush out and go mad, they get so excited, jumping up the trees or on the shed. I never know what they expect is going to happen - I throw the ball, they run after it and stop and stare at me as if I'm mad. All they ever really want is a tickle or hug.

Little has she noticed the wire bird underneath her - oh perhaps she has. ..

Beyond the apple tree is a very old and tall ash tree, that stands very majestically at the end of the garden. Even the cats can't climb it, but it offers sanctuary to the magpies!

I decided to gather up all the eiderdowns and air them on the washing line. It's got too warm at night now to have them permanently on the beds, my youngest daughter is constantly moaning about being too hot and not being able to sleep, so the eiderdowns will be bundled up once aired and put on top of wardrobes. Having dropped them on top of the bench, I thought I'd take a photo and rearrange them to show you. Well, halfway through, the cats had better ideas and it wasn't long before they were divebombing each other from under the quilts, jumping out from under the bench and then finally pulling them off completely, Time to give up on that one.

By now the cats had worked themselves up into a frenzy and it was full blown war! I guess that's what sisters do in this house!
Last week after all the rain, the grass was quite tall and the cats spent most afternoons pouncing on each other. Now I know cats are clever but why do they always assume they can't be seen? They do it in the house too, slink about on the prowl, totally convinced that you can't see them sneaking up to the half finished bowl of cereal left on the table!
Back in the garden I noticed something that I'd been waiting to happen for a year. Nothing last year and then, like buses, not one, not two but three come along at the same time ...

Beautiful dusty pink oriental poppies.

Enjoy your weekend.


Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Wounderful pictures and as for the paisley prints, Oh so lovely
Suzie Sews

Blooming Felt said...

Ooooh - lovely garden !! I know exactly what you mean about noticing things around you when you're a blogger !! I too have found that I notice so much more and now tend to have my camera with me all the time. Sarah x

Tracy x said...

wonderful view in to your world - and pictures of your beautiful cats - my Friday is brighter!
Tracy x

julia said...

That chair looks so inviting! Your garden is my ideal - we have no established trees in our small garden so I have planted an apple tree to grow with the children. I You're so lucky to have so many trees in yours, my dream is to have two to sling a hammock between!

Julia x

Thimbleanna said...

What beautiful poppies! And love your garden -- you always post such pretty pictures.

Clare and Mike said...

Hi Kim,

What a great post! Your poppies are beautiful and I totally agree with you about taking note of one's surroundings more since blogging.

I adore your cats, they obviously keep you well entertained, bless them!

I have the same bedspread as you and the same pink and paisley eiderdown!

I removed one of my quilts from the bed the other night so I suppose we must be getting nearer to Summer weather!

Have a lovely weekend!

Clare x

Samantha said...

Your cats are beautiful. They sound like my Maudie always wanting to get in on the action!

AC said...

What a lovely garden and that seat with the eiderdowns looks soooo inviting. I could quite easily make myself comfortable with a good cup of coffee and a book and watch the cats:-)
Alison x

Rowan said...

Quilts, cats and poppies - all beautiful. Lovely set of photos and the view from your kitchen window is very nice indeed. Your two cats look like the first cat I ever had, he was a black half-Siamese and lived to be 19 years old. I've had several other cats and loved them all but none were quite as special as Raffles.

OhSoVintage said...

I did so enjoy reading this post and looking at all your photos. The poppies are lovely and lucky you having such a lovely view from the window. I like the chair and, of course, my favourites have to be the eiderdowns - I can't bear to take mine off the end of our bed and have hot feet every night! I know what you mean about noticing things more - I certainly have taken more photos now I am a blogger.

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

What lovely pictures! I love the pretty garden shots and your sweet kitty! If you could see where I post you would quite often see toys laying at my feet as my little one really knows how to throw them about! LOL!!

I think blogging has made me stop and see the details in things alot more. It is truly so amazing that we can talk with each other from around the world.
Gorgeous eiderdowns!

Gayla said...

Oh, what adorable cat photos. We had a big black cat like that for years. It mades me cry (and purr) to see those pics. Great blog!

Betty said...

Your yard is beautiful. It gets so hot here at this time of year that I have to fight to keep everything growing. I love your poppies, especially the dark rose one. You have me wishing for a cool day out on the swing with my quilts! Thanks for sharing.

Jane said...

The poppy is beautiful - I look at life differently as a blogger too - I think because I work on my own 3 days a week, it gives me a focus to think of something to communicate rather than having circular conversations in my head.

Thank goodness for digital cameras.


Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Kim - Everything looks wonderful. Californian poppies take me back to childhood. I love the eiderdown (or is it a quilt?) on the top of the pile. I had a similar quilt a while ago which went to Niki at Nostalgia.

Over the years we've had fruit trees in our gardens but this is the first one with an apple tree in a spot where I can have a chair under it - not that I have time to relax there, but tghe thought is enjoyable!

Sue x

Louise said...

Your garden looks so inviting and those poppies are such a gorgeous colour. Those cats are identical to my girlfriend's except hers are boys - she often shows me them curled up fast asleep on one of her beautiful quilts. I just adore your eiderdowns - could do with those over here at the moment.. it's chilly. Enjoy your good weather!

Gill said...

What a lovely view, mine isn't pretty at all I'm afraid so no chance of me sharing it! But it's lovely to see other people's gardens. I quite agree with you, blogging has opened my eyes to the world around me, and more importantly the simple pleasures and sights. We're all so busy we feel we don't have time to stop and stare, but having a blog has emabled me to do just that. And the best thing is I've rediscovered my creative side which was in danger of being buried for ever!
I've got 2 sister cats too, aren't they funny, they're supposed to be very intelligent animals but I have my doubts sometimes :)
Wherever you put down a box or a bag or a book or a newspaper or freshly ironed clothes they just have to place themselves on top!!

Gill x

kate said...

Your poppies of both colours are beautiful - light and airy. You have a wonderful view from your kitchen window! Your chair looks like a perfect place to curl up with a book and enjoy your surroundings.

I used to have two black cats - your cats and their antics reminded me of them.

I would love to have blackberry bushes ... do you have gooseberry as well?

Your eiderdowns are such pretty patterns and colours. No wonder the cats wanted frolic among them.

Cape Cod Washashore said...

Your poppies are GORGEOUS! And those cats are just too precious! I think blogging has made me appreciate more of what's around me, too!

I am off to take photos today of more of my brother-in-law's garden bounty - the peonies are open and coral roses are starting to pop!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Your garden looks so lovely. Your poppies are doing so well, but then most gardens and plants do GREAT with your English weather.

The quilts are so wonderful...nice and fluffy. I totally agree that blogging has made me more aware of my surroundings...often I think "oh, this would be so perfect as a picture on my blog!"

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

Berber said...

I love both orange and pink poppies! In fact I like all poppies :)

Mary said...

Im very new to all of this but love the eiderdowns and the cats I have 3 cats, I will be posting some pictures of both in the future

meggie said...

Another lovely post!!

mollycupcakes said...

Wow your garden looks lovely and the cats lol
They are as mad as mine and the same colour. It must be a family thing we have bother and sister cats and they fight like cat and dog lol.
Enjoyed your pictures, the quits are just beautiful.
Catherine x

ShabbyInTheCity said...

You gave me some good advice on my 'blog talk' I have to give soon. I also notice more things! Things I probably would have looked over before...good point!
I wouldn't have looked over those beautiful poppies though!

hannah said...

you have a beautiful view!

Gypsy Purple said...

What a lovely blog!!!!

Heidi said...

What a wonderful blog entry to start my new week on this Monday morning. I loved visiting with you again through your blog. You put it so well about the advantages of blogging. It really does make us appreciate more things around us. It also brings us 'to tea and a visit' with those we normally never have had the chance to meet.

I loved seeing the view out your kitchen window. It reminded me pleasantly of my poppy garden in my previous house. I miss all the various poppies I had there including, like yours, the Califorian poppies. They are so cheerful and bright!

Aren't cats the funniest of creatures. How cute to see what they did with your eiderdowns! I would do just that same thing if I saw them there under me while I was up a tree. What fun!

Have a wonderful new week Kim and I will look forward to your visiting me and me visiting you!

Primrose Hill said...

Love your view and those cats!
Thanks for the well wishes,
L xx

Ginny Gibson said...

I love eiderdowns and quilts, but I agree. I need to put mine away, they are actually insulating the room ....phew!
Love all your pictures

best wishes Ginny

Anonymous said...

Am amazed that you can grow California poppies there :-) Great shots of the cats, by the way.

Heidijayhawk said...

what lovely garden pics. and blogging makes more of a difference to me than i ever would have thought. thanks for always sharing!

Annie said...

Beautiful Cats
I have tagged you for a To Do list, hope you don't mind

Annie said...

p.s. I have Californian Poppies out my window too and they are just SO happy. The wind blew the seeds in between the path and the side fence, and that is where they grew. I couldn't have picked a better spot. Also I have some of those oriental poppies planted to come up in our summer and am looking forward to them. I always admire them in catalogues and other people's gardens.

Lallee said...

Your quilts are so pretty~beautiful fabrics. I enjoyed reading about the cat antics. They can be so funny, can't they? Your poppies are gorgeous! I agree, blogging has made me more observant also. You have a beautiful blog.

weirdbunny said...

Your eiderdowns are magnificent !!