Friday, 15 June 2007

You are what you eat

I have been tagged by the very funny Anna at Thimbleanna to list my five favourite restaurants. Personally, I think it's just another way of Anna finding out more of my pet hates and teasing me with them. Ever since I divulged my complete loathing of mashed potatoes, Anna has endeavoured to post as many pictures and mentions of it on her blog as possible - I will be forever haunted by the sight of mashed potato - please no more, primary school dinners were enough for anyone!

1.My favourite restaurant of all time has to be Terre a Terre in Brighton. We're not meat eaters and this restaurant is one of the best veggies in England, even friends of ours who are diehard meat eaters count it as their fav place to eat too. This is where we go for birthdays and anniversaries and today being our anniversary it's nice to give it a mention. The most amazing and wonderful ingredients combined in an exciting and original way but presented in a very cryptic menu!! Fortunately for us, until recently one of our friends worked there and would come and decipher the menu for us, I think half the time nobody knows what they've ordered! Last time we were there our friend had left and we had the double embarassment of not only having to ask a waitress to tell us what the dishes were but also having to ask her to read the menu to us as we'd both left our glasses at home! A few glasses of wine later, it didn't seem to matter! We first went to Terre a Terre when it was in its original premises and just starting out. I was heavily pregnant with my first daughter and needed food! I can still remember the fruit and bowl of delicious chocolate dipping sauce (a very Dawn French moment)!

2. I love curry. Not hot, hot curry but aromatic, spicy curry that lets you taste the ingredients. Nooris in Brighton has to be one of my fav curry restaurants. Take away is also great on a Friday or Saturday with a bottle of wine when we're too tired to cook! NB Can't stand curry or any food with peas in it - darn it Anna there's another hate! I also remember a lovely Indian restaurant in Paris we went to on our first holiday together as a couple and it was gorgeous and romantic and completely different to the place we ate the following night where M got chronic food poisoning! Very fond too of Middle Eastern food, mezze, falafel, aubergine dip etc.
3. Good old English fish and chips. Takeaway is best! Bardsley's in Brighton is best! But eating chips on the beach is a very close second!
4.Pub lunches in the Sussex countryside, Ram Inn, Sussex Ox, The Cricketers are great, anywhere with real food, good beer and, preferably a roaring fire will do!
5. M's cooking. He's a wonderful cook and makes the most fantastic bread - all kinds. Artichokes on a Saturday are a family fav, his homemade pizza on a Sunday and everyone's happy!
One of my pet hates that I'm quite happy to mention is my inability to compile any list! I hate it because the minute I think I've finished I immediately think of at least four other things that I would have liked to have added. Here's one of them, one of my favourite puddings, recipe here for Louise at Beachyscapecodcupboard.

Eton Mess
12 meringues
2 punnets of strawberries
1 pint double cream (570ml)
1 heaped tablespoon icing sugar

Blend half the strawberries with icing sugar in a blender and sieve to make a puree. Crush the meringues into pieces, Whip the cream, but not too stiff. Chop remaining strawberries and add to meringues. Fold in the cream and drizzle over the puree. Serve immediately.

If anyone wants to be tagged feel free!
Have a wonderful weekend with lots of yummy food.


Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Yum-sounds great!! I love the photo of the scales!!!

AC said...

That sound fantastic Kim.
What can I have to eat .....Hmmmm a ginger nut doesn't sound quite so good!LOL
Love the pictures.
Alison x

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

The scales picture is fab. I am feeling hungry now, off for lunch...
Suzie Sews

Victoria May Plum said...

Hi Kim,
Thankyou sooo much for the ragged roses you sent me! I love them, Pebble loves them, Dale thinks that I made them myself (He assumed, and I couldn't bring myself to tell him the truth, he thinks I am a genius now) and loves them too!

Enough rambling, I loved your foody post. We find it so difficult to find a good veggie restaurant when we go out, but nothing is better than a country pub lunch on a sunday, or chips on the beach.
Have a great weekend, thankyou for entering my competition x
Victoria x

Cape Cod Washashore said...

THANK YOU, Kim, for the Eton Mess recipe! We will definitely be making this one in the next week (I do my grocery shopping on the weekends so my older boys can take turns helping with the load). =)

And thank you for the wonderful list of restaurants! We've not made it to Brighton (my brother in law has), but I think we just may do so on our next visit!
Happy weekend!

kate said...

It was fun to read your list and discover what sorts of food you like. The artichokes look yum - although I'd forego those in favour of the Eton Mess. My, does that sound delicious!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, thanks for the Eton Mess recipe...especially with all the strawberries in my garden at the moment! I love the fact that I have all the ingredients to hand right at this moment, in the cupboard, in the fridge and in the garden! So looks like we might be having Eton Mess for pudding tonight! - Have a great weekend...


Thimbleanna said...

Oh My Kim! First off -- what a wonderful post. list is growing...mashed potatoes, peas, meat -- Meat! Between mashed potatoes and meat, I'll have enough to tease you about until the next millenium! Yipee!!! And now, best of all, I want to put Brighton on my list of must visit places next time we visit England! The recipe looks fabulous -- I'll definitely have to try that 'cause I love all the ingredients that you mentioned. And last, just as a special treat for you -- I've finally found a dislike! Indian Food. Perhaps I've had bad Indian Food, but just didn't enjoy it. And definitely nothing spicey -- too hard on the tummy! Anyway -- what fun -- thanks for a very lovely post!!!

Rowan said...

Eton Mess is delicious isn't it? So simple too. My favourite restaurant is in Hammamet in Tunisia, it's called La Pergola and both the surroundings and the food are wonderful - or were anyway, it's a few years since I was there.

Heidijayhawk said...

love curry. check. love fish and chips. check. good veggies. check. wrong side of the pond!!! sounds amazing though!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Thanks for the yummy recipe!! Sounds so divine. Heather

Tracy x said...

how can you not like cheesy mashed potato??
must visit the veggie restaurant before we leave - it is so hard to find a place to eat out at that you can enjoy and trust when you are a veggie.
thanks for a great post
tracy x

The Crafts House said...

love the sound of Eton Mess...a tune out, relax after work, my kinda dessert!!....maybe I couls squeeze in chocolate as I am addicted!

Christy T said...

Ooooo... I LOVE curry... Didn't know it until my hubby requested that I learn to make it... I'll have to post my fav recipe, chicken cashew curry, one day! Thanks so much for the warm welcome on my new blog! You're so sweet!

Betty said...

Oh, now you've done it. I'm hungry for artichokes now. Where's my keys? Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog today!

Anonymous said...

if it's true we are what we eat I should be an ice-cream by the end of the summer...
nice blog
ciao from Rome

Heidi said...

What great photos! I love the scales. Are they something you found or from within your family? What a fun food post. Hope you had a great weekend.

Ginny Gibson said...

Thanks for the info, I am always on the look out for a good restaurant, the next time I'm in Brighton I will make sure I check it our. There's another restaurant I would like to visit - Mama Cherries ( is that the name ...or something like that) it was on Hells Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey. He turned the place around and I really wanted to try some of that food she was cooking.

best wishes Ginny

Boxwood Cottage said...

Well now I'm glad I eat no pig lol
That Eton mess sounds so yummy hmmm! Carol xox

dottycookie said...

Is the Cricketers you mentioned the one near Drusillas - oh what's that village called - B something - Benwick? My parents live in Hailsham and we went to the Cricketers when we were last down - ooooohhhh that was good food!

Thanks for the message you left on my blog. I'm reading through your old posts now - such pretty things!