Tuesday 4 December 2007

It's getting nearer ...!

Isn't this cushion gorgeous? I bought it from Niki last week. For a long time now I've been visiting her website as well as her beautiful blog but have always been too slow! Others have got there before me. Last week I struck lucky and pounced on this cushion before anyone had the chance. I love the vibrancy of the floral fabrics she has chosen and it certainly looks very cheery on my eiderdown! Niki always chooses the most gorgeous fabrics and lovely colour combinations. Hopefully, we'll be putting the Christmas tree up next weekend so that'll mean lots more colour and sparkle around the place - I love it!

Well it's December!!!! I realised this morning that usually December seems to be an assault course to get through. Shopping, cleaning, school plays, recitals, shopping, colds, coughs and other lurgys, more shopping and a constant crossing of fingers and checking of calendars to make sure that yes, you have paid the school office for Christmas Dinner, the costumes for the school play have been taken in on the right day and that somehow by the skin of your teeth, everyone gets through to Christmas Day without too many glitches.

Last weekend we tried a different approach. Taking full advantage of having a relatively free weekend, before the onslaught of pre-Christmas visits, school fairs, the visit up to the loft to find all the boxes of Christmas decorations (note the word "all", why is it that every year boxes of decorations go missing?), we decided to invite friends over. On Sunday we had a house full of friends and children and it was lovely - it was a chance to enjoy the moment and not get caught up just yet in all the planning of what will be happening in a few weeks time. It did us all good to take one eye off what would be happening and to enjoy something that was happening now. Spontaneity can be good!

On the craft front, I have finished another pompom order for Made in Hastings. These ones are white 'snowball" pompoms hanging from white ricrac. I made a big batch of them and have put some in my Etsy shop too. I'm planning on having some hanging from the fireplace this year, just out of reach of the cats' paws! Wouldn't it be lovely this year to have a white Christmas?


Tracy said...

Love the white snowballs! So pretty and festive arranged together like that...It does give to mind dreams of a white Christmas. December is a funny month--lots of joy, but lots to do and cram in to, finding a balance can be a challenge. But it's the simple things about this time of year I keep thinking about, and which help keep the "pressure" down. We're hoping this next weekend will be a little less hectic--making room for spontenaity for a change! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Niki Fretwell said...

Hi Kim,
So glad you were pleased with the brooch pillow - it looks fabulous against your colourful eiderdown. (Thank you for the mention!)

Your weekend with friends sounds such a good idea - the run-up to Christmas can be hectic, particularly with all of the children's activities - taking time-out keeps things in perspective.

Those pompom snowballs are a masterpiece! Well done on completing the order!

Have fun with the Christmas decorating!
Niki x

Betty said...

That is such a pretty pillow! I love your rag balls too especially the white and pink ones. I'm going to try to get some decorating done today. Wish me luck. LOL

tess said...

those snowball pom poms are adorable.
I was late with the school christmas dinner money yesterday - I'm hoping the rest of December goes smoothly!

Cape Cod Washashore said...

Gorgeous snowballs, Kim! I love them! We had a very brief snow flurry last Sunday night... my toddler couldn't understand why there wasn't a foot of snow outside in the morning! lol Have fun decorating; we'll be doing it in tandem I think. We have a bare tree just waiting for some attention in our living room.

tea time and roses said...

Your blog is so beautiful, and always a palate of beautiful color...I love it!! Oh my the cushion is lovely, so glad you got to it first! The snowballs are so pretty, I love those lovely white ones...gorgeous! Enjoy all the joy the season brings....



Heidi said...

You have been very crafty and the snowballs are just wonderful. You will have a white Christmas when you hang these up. I do agree hang them out of cat's reach as your kitties would love to bat them around. I also hope we have a white Christmas!

On another note...can you believe I missed Cranford on Sunday??? I am sooo upset when I realized it 20 minutes after it was over. I am getting old I think. Can you email me your address as we bought you and your family a Dutch treat and I want to get it in the post to you.

~~ Heidi ~~

Cowboys and Custard Mercantile said...

Hello Kim
I think this blogging business inspires a lot of us and it has certainly put a different slant on the way I look at life now.. I would not normally put decorations up until next week at least but it is nice to join in the spirit of Christmas with everyone.
I love your decorations... unique stylish and beautiful!

Curlew Country said...

Fingers firmly crossed here too for a white Christmas but honestly I'll settle for happy and cosy in our new home. What a smashing idea to have an early December get together. I might copy that idea for next year!
Stephx - gorgeous pompoms btw!

Gill said...

Great idea to catch up with friends before the Christmas hols, you can relax and enjoy time with your family then, knowing that you've seen everyone. We're planning to put our tree up next weekend too, I like to enjoy it for a couple of weeks before the big day as I usually can't wait to take it all down on after New year's day.
Love the pompoms,I'm sure they'll be snapped up.
Gill x

Anonymous said...

Hi, gorgeous cushion and pompoms! I love this time of preparation and try not too get too wound up about it, but just enjoy everything...not always easy! A white Christmas would be lovely.
Margaret and Noreen at THY

Janice said...

I love the cushion and the white pompoms. We've had snow now for about 2 weeks and the temp hasn't been above -15. The forecast is for the coldest winter in 15 years so I'm sure we'll have a white Christmas. I'd love to send tons of it to everyone that wishes for it and doesn't usually get it. We usually have lots to spare!!!

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

OOOOh! The snowballs are so very pretty! I can just imagine them hanging or even in a pretty glass bowl. You are so talented!!!! :-)

Heidijayhawk said...

the balls are amazing! i am loving them! enjoy the next few weeks of craziness!

AC said...

I love the white pom-poms. I hope your Christmas preperations go smoothly!
Take care,
Alison x

Nonnie said...

A white Christmas would be just wonderful. Even if it was just a very heavy frost that would do. I love your latest pompoms. They really do look like giant snowballs. Also well done on buying the gorgeous cushion from Niki. I'm like you and always seem to visit her site just after a new batch of lovely things have all sold!

Mary said...

I'm praying for a White Christmas !The cushion is lovely

Clare and Mike said...

Hi Kim

Love the brooch pillow - of course!!

Your white pom-poms are a great idea - wouldn't it be fantastic to have a white Christmas - let's keep our fingers crossed for one!

Clare x

dottycookie said...

Those snowballs are just lovely - you clever thing!

Anonymous said...

Your white pom poms are lovely and the next best thing to a white Christmas which would indeed be lovely.

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

here's to a white Christmas...LOVE the snow balls!

meggie said...

Those white snowballs are lovely!
I love visiting your blog, & seeing your beautiful pics!
Love your cushion too! I am glad you got in first, as it does suit your eiderdown.

Cowboys and Custard Mercantile said...

Hello Kim
Hope your ribs are recovering!
Sympathies from a sickly one..

Reginas Cottage said...

Your blog is so beautiful and the
snowballs are just wonderful.
Have a nice day Regina

Sea Angels said...

I think your snowballs are so fantastic(does that sound odd!!!)
I real admire the fact you are still being so inspired and producing such fab items, whilst I am chasing my tail like some mad squirrel. I have enjoyed the rest reading your smashing post and being inspired.