Friday, 12 December 2008

Friday "thank you"

Thank you so much for your warm and moving comments on my last post, it has been lovely reading them. I know that I have been at risk of sounding a bit of a bah humbug kind of person over the last couple of posts so here to redress the balance is a festive(ish) photo of a corner of our living room last night. No, I know I'm not getting carried away with the old decorations, but at least it is a start - a pompom snowball sitting next to a favourite old vase sitting next to a Christmas tree is a nod towards the Christmas decorating that I hope will begin to get underway here this weekend ... Having read through some of your blogs this week I am amazed at just how organised and ahead of the game you all are.

Whereas I, well I seem to have done nothing more than languish about at home nursing Big Sister and dreaming of living in that little wooden chalet you can see painted on my vase ...

I have, I think, caught up with my blogging however and apologise to the lovely Louise for not showing you earlier, this gorgeous vintage brooch she made a while back and I won in a giveaway on her blog. Not only does the brooch look lovely on my winter woolies, it arrived in a beautifully decorated vintage tin, complete with winter snow dove, tinsel, vintage postcards and ribbons. THANK YOU!!!!! I love receiving pressies and sat amidst all this prettiness and admired it for far too long!

Last month I was also given some awards and thank you to April for this one

and Clare and K for this one too.

Please go along and visit their beautiful blogs and say hello. When I first started blogging I really worried about how I would fit in and be welcomed into this community, all this time later and I am still surprised and touched and overwhelmed by the kindness and supportiveness of you fellow bloggers. Each time I read a comment or an email or a blog post I try hard to remember just how special this blogging thing can be and how lucky we all are with our "virtual" friendships. At times, life takes over and perhaps blogging can not be as frequent or as prominent a part of our lives as we would wish but it is such a good feeling to turn on the computer and read all your lovely words, just like coming home on a Friday night and that warm feeling you get when you shut the door behind you!

Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy your Christmas preparations, decorating the tree and make sure you find time to eat some chocolate, purely to maintain those energy levels - judging by the amount of chocolate I'm eating at the moment I should have enough energy to come and decorate all of your homes this weekend ...


Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

Oh, I always seem to get my share of the chocolate! And now it's fudge time as well, how perfect. Merry Christmas to you and yours. I'm sure you'll get your decorating done in plenty of time, and it will be beautiful.But it doesn't matter, after all the Gift has already been given!

Heidi said...

I don't have time to really read this thoroughly now Kim but wanted to stop in and say don't brow beat yourself. I only just found my Christmas spirit. I walked around the big basket holding my Christmas village for ages and yesterday decided it was time to set it up. I am behind too but we will both catch up. Off now to Cranberry Cottage.

Have a great weekend my friend!

Hugs ~

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Oh Kim, I do hope your daughter feels better quickly!

Every blog I read lately (including my own) seems to convey a bit of surprise that Christmas is coming so quickly and preparations at home haven't been completed. I feel as though Christmas is moving at a steadier pace than I! lol We only decorated our tree Wed. & Thurs. of this week (and we had no excuse, as it is not even a "real" tree)! This should be a time for rejoicing and enjoying the season, so I am learning to be happy without the push to get up every decoration I own (I still have BOXES of decorations I haven't even touched)! I am pleased you are enjoying the brooch and tin!
Have a beautiful weekend! =) hugs!

MelMel said...

Hi sweetie....have super weekend....i love the corner of your cosy...and the brooch is beautiful!


A time to dance said...

I quite agree with you about the blog comunity..I have made some lovely friends and I really look forward to looking at theri posts and seeing what they have all been up to..I love your vase..lovely lovely lovely.....have a peaceful and hugs H

MelMel said...

P.S...Thrifty Mrs n me are going for some fun tomorrow at Bridgewater.....its so lovely to have met ppl on here, made my life all the richer,

The blogging world is magicxxx

driftwood said...

congrats on your awards, you really deserve them. xx

Sal said...

I do hope that Big Sister is better,Kim!
Well done on your awards..your blog is a joy ;-)

Country Bliss said...

Lovely post, I've got most of my decorations up but haven't written any cards or wrapped presents yet. Christmas seems to be creeping up on us very quickly!
Have a great, chocolate eating, weekend.
Yvonne x

Shabby Chick said...

Hi, I hope you don't mind a new visitor but I saw a link to your blog and couldn't resist a peek :)

I didn't realise that there was such a community on the blogs until recently, I started mine with just the intention really of writing a diary online and have been pleasantly surprised at all the lovely people out there.

I'm so sorry to hear about your mother, it must be very difficult for you this time of year. My Dad died in April and I know that the change of spring into summer was tough for me (particularly as he was a gardener and loved to see the plants blooming). I hope you can still try to enjoy Christmas. You have those cool kinds of decorations that I always long for but never get quite right!

Mel x

Nessie's Nonsense said...

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog Kim and I feel the same about knowing there are so many lovely, like-minded people out there and it is really nice when someone leaves a comment. Have a lovely weekend and good luck with the Christmas preparations!!

Vanessa xx

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Kim, could you? I mean, would you come and finish my decorating??? I can't imagine the blog world without your cosy, fabulous blog. And you're living proof that even people who don't like mashed potatoes can be welcomed with open arms!!!

This Vintage Life... said...

Fret not Kim...Chritmas will come whether we're prepared or not. Everything seems to come right at the end though. In the meantime, enjoy that chocolate!
Deb x
PS. Well done on the awards and hope BS feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd be a bit lost without my blogging friends now.... congrats on your awards and your lovely brooch. Now go and enjoy your christmas decorating :-)
lisa x

Elizabethd said...

Everything will work out, take it slowly, dont rush yourself. When you have a poorly youngster they come first.
You well deserve the awards. Yours is one of my favourite blogs.

Twiggy said...

I haven't got my decs up yet either. Hopefully will get time this weekend. I love the brooch from Louise.
Twiggy x

Anonymous said...

That brooch and the tin look so lovely, what a great gift !!
I love your little corner decoration too.
Have a wonderful weekend !!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

It amazes me constantly the friendships we build up through blogging. I like the trips and adventures we go on with each other, be they happy or sad it is wonderful to follow people through and offer even a small ounce of support.

Don't worry about not having it all done christmas wise. I have done my shopping but haven't even started on the hampers and crackers I need to make yet. I think everyone feels somewhat bogged down at this time of year.

Have a lovely weekend.

Poppy said...

Another lovely post! I was organized for Christmas but I don’t feel like I am now.
I love Christmas, but some times I think we all put too much pressure on our self’s for every thing to be just right. If only we could just accept that not every thing has to be perfect.
Your Christmas corner looks lovely!
Love Lou xxx

Sea Angels said...

Hello lovely Kim maybe we could start a 'Frazzeled Club'??? I love Christmas but I find it so busy, especially if somone is unlucky enough to fall poorly and there is soooo much going around, I hope your daughter gets better quickly. I finish work on Friday so I am glad for that I can't wait to clean the house and decorate it, I know it's late but hey...... I think you should do somthing really nice this week, make some time and do somthing lovely or a little treat..I am waving my magic wand and sending you tonnes of twinkly ooofle makes a mess but it works....honest!!!
Your fabulous, you know that though don't you !!!! well you should.
Lots of Christmas hugs
Lynn xx

Anonymous said...

Your Christmas corner looks lovely. We've had family over today and the only Christmassy thing I managed was to get the tree inside and decorate's a start! We did have some yummy chocolate tiffin that my sister made.
Margaret and Noreen

Pondside said...

I liked this post, Kim, and appreciated what you had to say about time and the blogging community. I think we all know that rushed feeling - too much to do and too little time - but the posts are here and don't disappear, so you can pop in and out when you have time, even if that's in January! In the meantime, but good to yourself, and enjoy your lovely house and this time of year!

mollycupcakes said...

I'm being good and eating some chocolate right now while reading your post sweetie.
Glad you're starting to feel the Christmassy ness of it all. I think i might drive poor Ben crazy here sometimes with how much i go on about it all lol
Hope you had a lovely weekend and got some Christmas things done, it's no fun when it becomes a chore, just let it flow and it will fall into place by the 25th.
Have a fabulous and magical time with those beautiful girls of yours.
Many hugs,
Catherine x

Unknown said...

Cards? Presents? It can't be Christmas yet surely!

See you aren't the only one
Rosie x

Shirl said...

Hi Kim, it seems ages since I dropped by. Christmas is tinged with sadness for me as well; I'm having trouble getting into gear myself even though the tree is up.

Still, bit by bit we should get there.

Shirl x

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and happy New Year - thanks for brightening 2008 for me!

meggie said...

Another lovely post Kim. You are a wonderful blogger, & deserve all the awards you get. It is always a pleasure to visit. Hugsxx