Wednesday, 3 December 2008

What's new pussycat?

Do any of you remember that feeling you got the night before exams? That twisted knot in your stomach, the utter, utter feeling of desperation and, of course, the disbelief that once again you have left all the revision to the last minute? Oh, I hope I'm not the only one who went through school like that? I used to revise until late at night, set my alarm and wake up really early in the morning to pack in a few hours before school. As much as I tried I could never, ever get to grips with revision until it was really, really necessary - but sssssh don't tell my daughters that! Well, that's a bit how I'm feeling at the moment, worrying and worrying that all this sewing will not get done, annoyed with myself for not doing more earlier on and hoping and hoping that come the weekend I will have done enough. I'll never learn ...

I have been very lucky to have had some orders for my work coming in plus a Christmas event too where I can sell my wares. Some friends have requested items for pressies and in the corner of my kitchen I see a pile of fabric that needs to be transformed into costumes for the school Christmas play and all needs to be done by the beginning of next week. Something has had to give and I'm afraid it's my blogging. Along with the hoovering and ironing, I have been a very naughty blogger. So so sorry to you all. I have been tagged, I have received such lovely comments, pressies and awards and I don't think I've thanked any of you on my blog. I have been exercising as much self restraint as I can muster at the moment and kept the blogging down these past few weeks, which means that I haven't been able to visit all the blogs that I would have wanted to - I am sorry and will try and make up for it soon.

One of my cats has been keeping company at the sewing machine. She sits permanently on my lap and is used to fabric, pins and lavender falling on her head. Now I'm not foolish, as much as she loves me, I know this new found show of affection has something to do with the dip in temperatures. The poor thing, not only is she in need of warmth and cuddles, she is also under constant attack from her sister who is waging a one cat war on anything and everything. We are seriously considering buying the little madam some happy pills she is such a grump at the moment. I heard her growling in the hall the other day, and hesitantly walked towards her, stomach churning, fearing what she might have brought in from the garden this time, only to find that she was growling at absolutely nothing at all, plainly miffed that she had nothing in particular to be miffed about.

Mr Roses has always said that it wouldn't be fair to have a dog as, well what with two cats, they might just end up fighting like cat and dog. Which is just what we have going on here without the dog. If I had the time, I would be half tempted to join her in the hall and sit and have a good growl ... see you soon!


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Take all the time you need, Kim! This is such a happy time of year, and it should be enjoyed 100%!

Speaking of growling cats, our oldest kitty does it constantly! She'll be purring one minute, and if our other cat just happens to cast a shadow on her while passing by... grrrrr! heehee

Simone said...

I think that it is so funny that your cat is miffed because she has nothing to be miffed about!!! I hope you manage to complete the things that you need to complete and fit in some time for you too.

Betty said...

Can I join you and the cats in the hall? Maybe she's going through menopause. That's my excuse for growling for no reason.

A time to dance said...

Alfie makes that sound at 4am and he is usualy chasing a little field mouse around the landing or worse....our bedroom!...good luck with the H

Anonymous said...

It does sound like you are awfully busy. As for cat and dog we've always found that they get on just fine, when the dog realises who is in charge that is.

Lisa said...

Look after yourself during all this busyness!
Lisa x

Willow said...

I know that feeling Kim! .. where there are just not enough hours in the day! I'm sure you'll get through it (with the cat's help!) .. but try to take a tiny bit of time for yourself too!

On the grumpy cat front .. my vet recommended some herbal tablets for little Leo, who is quite nervy and frets when I go out etc.. and they seem to be working. Maybe worth a try.

Willow x

Carol said...

Oh Kim I love that little Terrier, now where did I see one just like him for sale?
I know exactly how you feel about blogging and yes I do get those funny feelings in my tummy too.
You have made some lovely things, good luck with the sales, extra money before Christmas is always welcome!
Take care,
Carol xxx

Thimbleanna said...

Awww Kim, you've totally burst my bubble. I thought the fact that Scruff cuddles up to me every night now means that he's crazy about me and he's missed me since I traveled so much in November. But you say it's the dip in temperature? Pffft!

Good luck with all of your sewing. I seem to be in a bit of a panic these days myself!

driftwood said...

our cats have been fighting like mad today, I've put it down to the weather......

meggie said...

The image of you sitting growling in the hall made me laugh!
I wonder why your cat is grumpy? How curious.

Country Bliss said...

There are never enough hours in the day at this time of year. I'm like you everything gets left to the last minute, every essay has been written the night before etc. I think I strive on the stress!
Good luck with the sewing.
Yvonne x

Cowboys and Custard Mercantile said...

Oh cantankerous cats and belated blogging.. what is the world coming to!!?
I think we will forgive you dear Kim..
It is that silly time of year when the days shrink and so does our capacity to think straight..
I speak for myself of course..
Don't forget... the custard creams.. they always help!
P.s would you consider a pet exchange.. not a growling cat but a plaster dog for one slightly disgruntled Mr Pig?

A Thrifty Mrs said...

I know just what you mean about revision. I only did mine when I had to. I think I must thrive under the pressure of it all as I am still like it to this day.

Take care in this busy period!

Love the cat by the way.

A Bun Can Dance said...

It's that time of year when there is so much to do and so much we want to do, but the clock is ticking. Nevertheless, savour, savour. I've created a list of inspirational blogs over at my own blog, and put you on it - hope that's okay! Denise.

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

First of all, let me say you don't have to answer this comment or visit my blog any time soon. So that's one thing you can cross off your list, lol! As for the rest, you will get it all done, just like you always do, just like you did in school. And it will all be lovely. So just enjoy the process and whatever you are doing, revel in it alone. Then you can take work time and "me" time and they will be the same time!

Tracy said...

Hi, Kim! Love this little china cat and dog in this post...My mom collects china dogs, so it's fun to look out for them for her. Have fun with the cats as you work and make ready...Enjoy! ((HUGS))

VA Boutique said...

Oh I certainly know that feeling! I still have dreams you know that it is the night before my exams and I've forgotten to revise!!!! Eeek!
I've been feeling like this lately too as I've been so busy with the website & trying to get what feels like a million orders out and people still keep ordering darn them! Tee hee!
I've been a bad blogging friend too lately which I am sad about.
Hope you get everything done and that you still have time to take care of yourself, have a lovely weekend.

April said...

You have been tagged! Please come to my blog and check it out

April xx

Gill said...

I've been a terrible blogger recently Kim so you're not alone! I haven't posted since August when I started my new job, it's been so long I'd be surprised if anyone's still out there. Sounds like you need a bit of time out but I'm sure you'll be back with beautiful pictures and deightful posts in no time at all.

Pondside said...

It sounds as thought it's definitly time for you to take a wee blogging break. Good luck with your projects - see you when you get your head above water again!

Pam said...

We understand. It's a timeconsuming hobby, blogging. And now I have to go and write some Christmas cards...

mollycupcakes said...

Oh KIm,
you're get it all done and look back and say ha ha! take that worry puss.
And wonder what you where worrying about in the first place.
Thinking of you honey, as i do know that feeling well, everything is left up to the last minute here and i sit and say to myself eveytime soem new comes in i won't do that to myself again lol
You cat sounds so funny, maybe she sees things that you can't lol
Myabe our Daisy sees things we can't because likes to have a good old GRRRR! sometimes too lol
Many hugs,
Catherine x

Poppy said...

I hope you get everything done!

Try and take some time out for yourself and relax,I know it's not easy this time of year.
Take care love Lou xxx

P.S lol about the growling cat!

Nessie's Nonsense said...

I really do understand about leaving things to the last minute. I think I need the lack of time to focus and realise that if I don't do it now it'll be too late - and I usually do get it all done, although sometimes with only minutes to spare!! I also tell my son to get things done sooner rather than later. (I think that's what called being a hypocrite!!!).

Have a lovely Christmas!